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AnyEdit plugin adds several new tools to the context menu of text- based Eclipse editors, to output consoles, to Eclipse main menu and editor toolbar. AnyEdit contri...
Last Updated on 7 September 2014 by Andrey Loskutov
The eclipse-cs Checkstyle plug-in integrates the well-known source code analyzer Checkstyle into today's leading IDE - Eclipse....
Last Updated on 14 November 2014 by Lars Ködderitzsch
Spring IDE is a set of plugins which are adding support for the popular J2EE application framework Spring Framework to the Eclipse platform.
Last Updated on 13 October 2014 by Martin Lippert
Mylyn integrates defect and project management systems, build systems and other software development tools with Eclipse.
Last Updated on 26 September 2014 by Robert Elves
m2e provides comprehensive Maven integration for Eclipse. You can use m2e to manage both simple and multi-module Maven projects, execute Maven builds via the Eclipse interface,...
Last Updated on 3 October 2014 by Jason van Zyl
An Eclipse Team Provider plug-in providing support for Subversion within the Eclipse IDE. Developed and maintained by Subversion core committers, Subclipse is always in synch...
Last Updated on 22 October 2014 by Mark Phippard
FindBugs is a defect detection tool for Java that uses static analysis to look for more than 200 bug patterns, such as null pointer dereferences, infinite recursive loops, bad...
Last Updated on 9 July 2014 by Andrey Loskutov
The Subversive project is aimed to integrate the Subversion (SVN) version control system with the Eclipse platform. Using the Subversive plug-in, you can work with projects...
Last Updated on 7 October 2014 by Igor Vinnykov
PMD scans Java source code and looks for potential problems like:...
Last Updated on 6 September 2013 by Emmanuel LESNE
EGit is an Eclipse Team provider for the Git version control system. Git is a distributed SCM, which means every developer has a full copy of all history of every revision of...
Last Updated on 14 November 2014 by Chris Aniszczyk


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The free UML tool UMLet lets you draw UML diagrams with a light-weight, pop-up-free user interface. It lets you draw diagram sketches fast; export diagrams to pdf, eps, jpg, gif...
Last Updated on 18 November 2014 by info umlet
The m2eclipse-wtp project has moved to the Eclipse Foundation. The m2eclipse-wtp plugin is now deprecated in favor of the newer m2e-wtp...
Last Updated on 1 October 2012 by Fred Bricon