Eclipse Moonrise UI Theme 0.8.9

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Eclipse Broken

Please tell me how to uninstall. I upgraded from Kepler to Luna and now my colors are all messed up I can't read 50% of everything. I feel like I've restored defaults on all the preferences and still, can't see my code.


This is amazing. Clean and fast installation and it looks great!

I was just wondering if it was possible to remove orange and red highlight and have the squiggly line back?


Hi thanks for your great works!

How i can change the color of arrows on left for open folders?


Finally an impressive dark UI for Eclipse.
Great plugin, I love it, thank you for sharing! My Eclipse looks really better with it and it reduces my eye strain.

Now the ball is to Eclipse developers that should fix the platform issues..

lock eclipse window issue

I install other color theme plugin first,
then I install moonrise,restart eclipse, it will lock eclipse window,the mouse event have no response
Maybe moonrise have confilict with color theme ,and make endless loop
How to fix the issue?

Welcome on Marketplace

Eclipse Moonrise UI Theme is the best dark UI for Eclipse around.

Note that on MS Windows all windows title lines and scrollers color is defined by OS.

As of 0.8.5 restart is required when changing color theme back.

Backup your preferences before importing Eclipse preferences RainbowDrops.epf file, because otherwise there is no quick return.
You can use Eclipse Color Theme Plugin to manage color themes in Editors.