Eclipse Color Theme 1.0.0

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I was really missing this feature in my eclipse installation. Thanks a lot for this plugin, it works like a charm.


Thanks, it saves my eyes.

always a same error ...
Cannot satisfy dependency:
From: Eclipse Color Theme (
To: com.github.eclipsecolortheme []

I think it's a great plug-in but I can not try it

I really like this app. It makes it easier to see my code. Favorite is a dark theme, which is RecognEyes. As previous reviewer mentioned, you need to tweak the colors a bit in the Window->Preferences->General->Editor->TextEditors->Annotations -> Write Occurences / Occurences -> Change to Text from Highlighted to Box, or simply change the color to Bright Blue.

I really appreciate that this helps reduce the strain on my eyes. However, I do wish that it would apply a theme to Eclipse as a whole instead of just the editor windows.


I started by a theme offered in the website, but had to change few things to make it right for C (dark theme).
Among few things needed to change the tooltip, Annotation (Make it box instead of highlight) , and inactive highlight color. Then I wanted to publish it in the website, but realized they do not get tweaked.

While I appreciate the work and benefit Color Theme represents, I just looked into adding into Eclipse 3.8. It requires 100 MB additional bloat. Really? Thanks, but I'll pass.

When i installed this plugin, changing tabs gets slower, about 2 seconds to load tab. Really irritating...

it's noothing to do with this plugin, if you are running Juno SR1 please install performance patch

this plugin is osm

The plugin allows to change color scheme only in editor window.
The rest still hurt my eyes (Navigator, Package Explorer, consoles etc)
Pretty disappointing.

i installed successfully, and i could change my juno themes and pretty good for my eyes if i coding in dark place

Now when I double click on a string in python source code
eclipse juno osx fails to select string as highlighted

eclipse juno, cdt , eclipse color theme 0.12.0.
switching to dark theme and then back to the default:

mouse over function call shows the small preview, this preview is
in wrong color (dark but not coming from the last theme ).

This functionallity was missing from Eclipse for a long time. This plugin does the job and should be included by default in future eclipse releases.

To install, you need to have the install software tab open, and then drag and drop the install button, worked for me on Juno :)

This a much needed feature but i can't install it. When i drag the install icon onto my workspace it just pastes the url of installbutton.png.

Is there another way to install this?

i have a problem about eclipse-color-theme ,when i set plug-in in MyEclipse Configuration Center,MyEclipse constantly prompts me to enter a username and password.
I am wondering about username and password. what username and password is correct?

It looks like the update site URL is not working with Eclipse 4.2 Juno. Does somebody can confirm?

I have Windows 7, don't know if that is the problem but I cannot drag the icon tag and drop it into my open Eclipse. I would really like this plugin based on the reviews. Is there some other way to to download it, like put it on the software update list in Eclipse. That way I could always get the latest version when I do an update.


I am so happy you made this plugin. It saved me a ton of time.

I like black background with colored text.

I would like the whole program to change with the theme someday, so all the tabs surrounding the editor have a black background.

Hi, i'm new in this site "marketplace", can anyone tell me how can i install this theme in my blackberry plugin Eclipse?

Congratulation to the developer of this plugin, by now it's the 4th most downloaded plugin of the month, even more downloaded than other important plugins such as PyDev and Google Plugin!

IMHO this highlights the necessities of many developers and the importance of having light and dark color schemes directly supported by Eclipse.

Hi, It would be nice if you will get involved in Tab coloring per project. Coloring tab of each file per it project can be a nice feature, mostly for multiple versions of same product, where file names are the same.

This plugin is great! IMO, this should be integrated into Eclipse! Code highlighting themes aren't simply vanity, a nice theme makes it more pleasurable to read code thus makes me more productive.

A little issue: after installing this plugin and restarting Eclipse, then configuring a theme, restarting the editors does not suffice to apply the theme correctly. I had to restart Eclipse another time. Not a great deal, but the initial tweak before restarting had black on grey background, which scared me :)

Also, in C++ with a dark theme you might want to change the "General -> Annotations -> C/C++ Occurences" background color. Otherwise, you get unreadable light on light color on the currently selected keyword/definition. You might also want to change the backgrounds in "Preferences->C/C++->Editor->Appearance Color Options->Inactive Code Hightlight"

Sorry to hear that uninstalling didn't work for you. You've probably done this, but here's the uninstall procedure:

1. Go to: Help->Install new Software...
2. Click on the "already installed" link on the lower right part of the window.
3. Select "Eclipse Color Theme" and press "Uninstall".

If you can't find "Eclipse Color Theme" there, try finding it on the "Features" or "Plug-ins" tabs.

The above did the uninstall for me. Thanks for the tip!

I had installed an older version of this utility previously, but couldn't uninstall it because it didn't appear under the installed tab under the marketplace. I installed this new version on top of it, hoping it would overwrite the old one but it didn't. Now I have 2 color themes in preferences. Is there any way to manually remove/uninstall the old version?

That aside, this is great! Previously I had to muck around with config files to change the theme. This makes it much easier to change themes.

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great idea and a very handy website to create and publish your own themes. Only thing I would like to see is the ability to add a theme per content type

You mean e.g. a different theme for Java than for XML?

You almost saved my life, and for sure you have saved my eyes! THIS IS THE BEST ECLIPSE PLUGIN EVER !!!!!
I have only a problem: now the debug output text appears in gray with a white background, so it's almost unreadable... I have taken a screenshot of it here (I'm using "oblivion" theme):

Could you fix that please? And if you could, please add more styles and support for Python/PyDev syntax in a next update. Thank you very much.

Thanks for the info! I've created an issue for this, we will address it:

PyDev support has also landed by now.

Great stuff on this plugin. I love the vibrant ink theme. There are still sometimes some color conflicts (dark on dark, light on light) on things like mark occurrences and the such that users will have to adjust to their liking. Otherwise, awesome and much needed. BIG THANKS!

The mark occurrences issues are fixed now.

Especially twilight-ish, the existing ones are to colorful for me :P. Anyway, I really love this, thanks.

I've added three additional themes in version 0.6, see the list above. It's furthermore now possible to import themes from

I can't believe the plugin will improve this much, the site especially is a great idea! I will recommend this plugin to others! Thanks.