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Thursday, May 24, 2018 - 14:39

Hello, a kotlin file is displaying an error marker with message 

'when' expression must be exhaustive, add necessary 'BOOLEAN', 'DATE', 'NUMBER', 'STRING', 'TIMESTAMP' branches or 'else' branch instead

but this wrong as I have a case for each branches. The only way to have the error gone is to add an else branch, but this is wrong because if I add an enum value, I will not have error (because of the else) and I could miss to write proper branch for the new value.

By the way do you have some bug tracking system, where we could raised issues on the plugin ?


> By the way do you have some bug tracking system, where we could raised issues on the plugin ?

Yes, we use the same bugtacker as for Kotlin project: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/KT 

Could you please file an issue with your example there?

When to support Kotlin 1.2 ?

Now Kotlin 1.2.31 is supported. Please try to update Kotlin plugin to version 0.8.3

Thank you!

+1  I have a Java 9 platform requirement, and apparently can't run Kotlin on Eclipse (Oxygen.2) using the current Kotlin plugin.  Code works with Kotlin plugin on Java 8, crashes on 9.  Last plugin update shows 3/2017 -- please update, or at least provide ETA for 1.2 support.  Thanks!

Is it possible to create a multi-platform project (MPP) with Eclipse Oxygen (latest release)? I cannot achieve to create a multi-platform-project as described in the Kotlin Language reference. It is possible to do that in IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3 EAP. 

Will MPP support be available in the future?

No, currently you can't create MPP projects in the Eclipse plugin, they will be available later


Features like the bitwise "and" for bytes do not work...

Please make sure you have import `kotlin.experimental.*`, because these functions are not available by default