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I love the ease of making quick UML diagrams with this. Easy to use and customize elements and charts for you own purposes. There are however a few disadvantages that drive me nuts while trying to make quick diagrams on the fly:

- Line tools like the "has a" and "is a" always get copied behind to the back layer, this is EXTREMELY frustrating when trying to align new elements up. Why would you ever want to copy a new object to the back z index? You can right click and change the layer to bring it to the front, but this just destroys the whole flow and experience.

- Its a bit tricky to grab and move the smaller elements as the grab handle for elements is relatively small.

- It takes a bit of getting used to, but ctrl selecting is used to lasso objects where simple clicks move the screen around. I understand this is more of a preference but I find it much nicer to select lasso with a simple click and use the ctrl + mouse to move around.

- When double clicking on elements (this duplicates them), it sometimes places itself at the end of another line segment automatically attaching itself to that line or connector. This means I have to either copy and paste (Which can have the same effect depending on the area of the screen, forcing me to move the screen so that the upper left corner is free (where the new element gets pasted)) or create one from the elements palatte.

Other than that, I really do like how fast I can make beautiful custom UML diagrams with little effort!

4.5/5 :D

Quick hint on your last point: while pressing SHIFT, elements/relations don't stick (we will put this more prominently in the hints/FAQ..)

This is a very nice and easy to use application. To download it I visited the next URL:
Besides if you want to get more information, then visit the web site:
No problems to run it in Linux and Windows it's so beautiful :')

It will take a little to learn the fields you can add to the "properties" for each UML element but once you understand how it works it is so easy to get the job done!

What the heck?? Is this no longer available? I'm logged in but now apparent download link.

nice and easy to use tool. export feature is very helpful.

Very nice piece of software. Easy to use, responsive, ideal for quick UML diagrams without having any code generation baggage behind it.

very good, thanks guys!!!

Instantly works. Very good for rapidly drawing ideas.
I use it regularly for producing documentation with UML diagrams inside.
In order to avoid multiple rastering defects in drawings, I use the SVG export and automatically transform the .svg files to .odg (OpenOffice Drawing and Graphics) by svg2office-1.2.2.jar.
The result looks very clean.
For manual high quality export the diagram as EPS, insert it into OpenOffice by Insert > Image > From File...
Inside OpenOffice it looks not yet good, as this uses only the EPS preview.
Then print the document to a PDF printer (Do not use export!) and you will have the diagram in high-quality vector graphics in the PDF.

This is the best way to quickly sketch out diagrams! By focusing on the content the tool lets to experiment quickly and does not slow down the thinking. Other tools do not come close (well maybe SDEEdit for sequence diagrams).

I love custom elements feature too, very powerful!

very great uml tool

A good alternative for dia. Especially with the support for properties of the elements.
A little awkward to use, but you get used to that quickly.

But could do much better if it had (I tested version 12.2):
- working z-order (automagical isn't working good - copied object is behind original object - who would want that?)
z-order context menu would be good
- display which element-type i'm working (may be even with support to change)
- fields for different properties
- transparency

Without correct z-ordering my diagrams look ugly.

There is z-order support via the "layer=1,-1,2,-2.." command, but a bit tricky to find; v13 will have context-sensitive help in the panel, and maybe element context menu entries for layering. v13 will also allow more transparent element type handling, including on-the-fly changes between similar elements. "fields for different properties" (if I understand correctly) are unlikely to come; we prefer the single text panel approach to pop-ups, separate fields, and any other interface elements that restrict free text flow and UMLet's copy/paste logic (if I interpret this point wrong, let know). Finally, all elements are transparent by default; we might look into opacity in the future.

I'm not sure why anyone would download this after seeing the developer's website. The sole purpose of the site looks to be tricking people into accidentally clicking on one of the many sketchy camouflaged advertisements.

Our Web site's design could indeed be improved; it's just more fun to work on UMLet than on HTML (btw, v13 will probably be out in a few weeks). We use Google ads, and try to manually block the more aggressive ads (eg, those with large download buttons) that started to appear in the ad rotations in the last 12-18 months. (It's a bit tricky, as everyone might see different ads.)

I can quickly start drawing from the palette. The number of features is huge. Always adding new features. Very intuitive. Can even create my diagram elements.

great, thanks a lot!

Even though this tool does not promise to generate your application by creating a simple diagram, at least, it works! You can create UML diagrams in very little time.

it became so annoying , what is the instruction to install it?

The answer is simple look at this page

just download jar file and put it in plugins folder of eclipse

You can download it here

There are many free UML tools out there many of them don't even work. This tool does. Great free tool for putting together a quick diagram to include in your design docs. The hardest part is figuring out how to download the plugin. It would be great to have an install link right on the Eclipse Market Place. I get the fact that they are trying to make some money to support the project by putting links to SPAM ware on their site but it would be nice if they were a little clearer about what you are downloading when you click on one of the large Download links. To get the actual UML tool you have to ignore the huge green buttons to download various SPAM ware products and click on a small download link in the middle left of the page. As far as the actual application The User interface is a little different but with a little practice you can get the hang of it. It prints diagrams well and allows you to export them to many different graphical formats. A great tool for doing some quick UML diagrams but probably not the right tool for doing a large UML model.

+easy to use

-no reverse engineering
-no update site for eclipse

PS This is the best UML tool because others including papyrus and omondo uml are unusable, probably this is a problem of GEF, which they use as their base.

I use UMLet since the TogetheJ was destroyed by Borland.
For more than 8 years UMLet is the best solution.
Thanks for the team.

This is by far the best UML modeling tool I've ever used, it compares well with (and in many ways it overtakes) other ineffective, costly and cumbersome programs. It's easy to use, standard compliant, lightweight and free: what else can we ask? Thanks a lot guys, great work!

Great app!!!

I have a very low budget for software - open source all the way.
I use UMLet for ALL my drawing needs.
Any diagram explaining a process, idea, flow chart, whatever - UMLet.
Thanks for an excellent tool :-)

this is a really great app. Easy to use. Well done!

What a great tool! Really efficient and easy to use!

Umlet is really practical tool.

great app

...for simplicity and power. After having used Rose, RSA, Visual Paradigm etc. I fell for Umlet. It is exactly what a programmer needs. Neither complex, nor lacking in capability.

thank you very much very easy to use.

Easy to use. Took me only a couple,of minutes to get the hang of how to construct diagrams. Recommended!



This saved my life today when the UML app I paid for suddenly proved inadequete. But everything brightened back up again after a few minutes playing with umlet! Thanks!! One of the nicest new pieces of software I've used in a while. Totally straightforward, works smoothly, and the combination drag n' drop + text config interface is a GREAT IDEA. I used it stand-alone, and I bet the XML file format would be easy to parse for, eg, a custom code generator.

How to change the order of elements?

Explicit z-order control (useful for pdf exports of background-colored elements) will probably be included in v12.1; not yet in the upcoming v12.0.
--The UMLet Team

The UMLet authors don't seem to provide an update site. Dear UMLet authors, can you fix that? Pretty please with sugar on top.

Its not clear how to install this plugin; Is the URL correct?

On you can see the change history, and download current and older versions of UMLet.
--The UMLet Team

Excellent tool

I've been using UMLet for years, and will be using it for years to come.
The "All in one" digrams help you explore ideas visually as if you are coding.
As for complexity, there's always "just enough", and never "too much".
I love this tool!

From where i can download this plugin...?

Spent ages trying to find the useful links on umlet website, the design of which gives me no confidence that the makers are competent to write a graphics tool. Dropped jar in plugins. Started eclipse. Created new umlet. Clicked on "pallet". kill -9 eclipse. Removed plugin.

Major fail.

This is just full of spam! Can't install UMLet, nothing to download or install, and every post in the last 2 years is just simply SPAM! Crap...

Unfortunately, we can't remove spam postings from the comments. Thankfully, Marketplace cleans the comments periodically.
On you can see the change history, and download current and older versions of UMLet. As UMLet evolves, sometimes we break file format conventions (we assume UMLet is used for throw-away sketches and pdf exports) -- so it might be useful to occasionally get an older version.
--The UMLet Team

I've been using UMLet for a day so far, and I am vastly impressed with it! It is an amazing piece of software and a joy to use, thanks for your outstanding job!

I tried UMLet tool and found it easy and friendly,
Strongly recommended.
thanks to people who are in charge

Really easy to use and extend, great job!

I really hate the "Update Site" style