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Friday, July 20, 2018 - 04:06
erandall's picture

A useful tool, in so far as it goes.
In my experience this tool is used to save time with satisfying some corresponding Checkstyle rules.
Beware that mindlessly generating Javadoc comments on otherwise documented classes adds little, if any, value. Developers need to learn to actually write some *meaningful* comments in the generated fields, but very few do so.

A link from the marketplace description above, into the actual JAutodoc site jautodoc.sourceforge.net would not go amiss.

vtranmy1's picture

I installed JAutodoc plugin after updated to Eclipse Luna SR2, but it doesn't appear in context menu.
I think this is a but of JAutodoc. Please check!

mmisingnamecp2's picture

Normally it works fine with Luna. Please check the Error Log View and "Help->Installation Details".
It would be easier, when you reply by mail. My address is on the JAutodoc website.

rvanbuuren's picture

This plugin does what it says it will and has already saved me a bunch of time. I recommend it.