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MR.KNOW - BPM is a complete BPM suite comprising modelling, automation, graphical user interfaces, monitoring and controlling functions for use in automating business processes. MR.KNOW - BPM helps reduce the pressure of costs, meet legal requirements and optimise processes. The business process management software is a powerful, field-tested platform for complete automation of business processes used by many prestigious companies since its launch in 1996. Reducing cost pressure and optimising processes The requirements on an effective business process design are growing by the day. The pressure of competition is forcing companies to constantly speed up the appearance of new products and services with extended functionality and attractive additional benefits. Demanding customers expect increasing quality at constant prices. Because of this, companies are faced with the mounting pressure of providing custom-tailored solutions on affordable terms with the available resources. This requires more effectively designed business processes. With the advent of MR.KNOW - BPM, delays, deviations and breaks in complex business processes are now firmly a thing of the past. Connect various IT applications and locations, and direct your documents and data streams in clearly defined directions. You gain transparency, streamline processes, reduce costs and free up employees from tiresome routine work. Your benefits at a glance:

  • Clear cost reduction
  • Permanently documented and traceable business processes
  • Streamlined and efficient business processes
  • Simpler processes for employees
  • Custom-tailored implementation of processes using SOA
  • No programming needed to execute processes
  • Version changes at runtime and removal of inconsistencies
  • Proven scalability (350,000 transactions per hour)
  • Complete BPM suite and holistic process management
  • Custom-tailored control processes (ICS)
  • Audit support
  • Minimisation of manipulation and errors
  • Time and cost measurement of administrative processes Practical applications
  • Inbound mail processing
  • Automated invoice processing
  • Order processing (e.g. loans, leasing agreements)
  • Contract management
  • Complaints management
  • Helpdesk applications
  • Procurement management
  • HR processes (e.g. hiring, qualification)
  • Certification and approval processes
  • Quality management
  • Investment management
  • Process optimisation
  • Participation management
  • Event management
  • Industry processes


As one leading provider of car rental services worldwide Sixt's success is based on a high level of service qualitiy, systematic customer orientation and innovations in the field of mobility. To generate these business processes, Sixt deploys a comprehensive workflow management system using MR.KNOW - BPM. After testing various systems the decision was made for this BPM suite because of the flexibility of the system and the independent development options as well as the usability of current web standards. From odering processes, to processing invoices and incoming mail, to requisitioning processes - diverse and complex business procedures are automated, centrally managed and monitored.

MIAG C.V. Diemen NL, Baar branch, is the supply chain finance service provider to the METRO GROUP. In its function as the METRO GROUP’s “payment factory”, the company currently operates in more than 17 countries, processing payments for more than 50,000 suppliers. Every year, MIAG processes more than 35 million items and issues over 1.5 million payment orders. With MR.KNOW - BPM a validation tool has been developed as part of the internal control system (ICS) that monitors the payment process in detail based on 23 specific checks. To perform this function, the validation tool must meet the high requirements on quality, flexibility, reliability, performance and diversity in the various formats employed.

OBI is the number one DIY chain in Germany and a leader in Europe as a whole. MR.KNOW - BPM was introduced as a central platform to handle its processes. With its automated invoice processing and absence and holiday workflows, it now manages all intercompany process management tasks spanned on three countries. The integration of existing IT infrastructures and a number of locations ensures transparency, fast, digital processing, simple project monitoring and automated escalation and deputy management.

PROSERV!CE Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbh, specialist in creditor and asset account for the financial services industry and a subsidiary of Sparkassen Dienstleistung Rheinland GmbH & Co. KG, uses the MR.KNOW - BPM software to handle its clients’ processes centrally. PROSERV!CE provides an invoicing service based on MR.KNOW - BPM that allows you to archive and research invoices digitally at the click of a button. All processes are initiated, controlled and monitored centrally so that every single process can be tracked in real time. As a central service provider for banks and savings banks, PROSERV!CE also manages incoming post and contracts as hosted applications that can be individually customised.

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