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Since version 12.0 RSA RTE got renamed to IBM DevOps Model RealTime. This page will no longer be updated, please check Model RealTime marketplace page for the latest information.

IBM Rational Software Architect Real-Time Edition (RSA RTE) is a modeling and development environment for creating stateful event-driven realtime applications in C++. Such applications are often embedded and/or IoT applications. IBM RSA RTE supports the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and its real-time profile (UML-RT) which allows you to develop your application at a higher abstraction level, and with more automation, compared to writing it manually in C++.

IBM RSA RTE 11.3 should be installed on top of Eclipse 2022-06 and IBM RSA RTE 11.2 should be installed on top of Eclipse 2021-06. The recommended Eclipse distribution to use is Eclipse for C/C++ Developers. For more information about versions of IBM RSA RTE see this page.

Some of the key features of IBM RSA RTE include:

  • Development of realtime applications using graphical UML diagrams such as state charts and composite structure diagrams
  • A code view and code editor (based on Eclipse CDT) for writing C++ code for model elements, such as code for state transitions
  • A model compiler for generating optimized C++ code from the model and to build it into executables or libraries. The build process is highly customizable and allows multiple versions of an application to be built from the same source model.
  • A highly efficient run-time library ("TargetRTS") which provides your application with useful services such as message-based communication, state machines, timers, logging and much more. The TargetRTS is delivered as source code so you can build it for your platform of choice and customize it as needed.
  • Code-to-model synchronization which allows you to make changes in generated C++ code and have them automatically synchronized back to the model
  • A model debugger which allows you to debug your application at model level. You can debug your application both locally and remotely when it runs on the target, and model debugging can be combined with traditional code debugging using Eclipse CDT.
  • Compare and merge of model and code changes
  • Support for team development. Any SCM system can be used, but if you choose Git you will get superior support by means of an EGit integration that provides full support for RSA RTE model files when using EGit.
  • Publishing models to a web server and accessing them from a web browser. This simplifies collaboration and enables all project members to contribute to the development of models.
  • Traceability between model elements and related items stored in other systems such as requirements, test cases etc. Support for generation of reports that may also include information about such related items.
  • Support for migrating UML-RT models created in IBM Rational Rose RealTime.

For more information about IBM RSA RTE see this page.

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