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Sunday, February 25, 2018 - 06:14
jhuanggaw's picture

Got below exception:

Unable to read repository at "//". PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

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Hello Jude,

as mentioned in my reply to another comment at :

I have just installed the plugin to a fresh eclipse instance and got no problems. I did the installation at 2018-01-29 23:30 german time.

I think this must have been a temporary problem at bintray server certificates - or you have a proxy server which is not trusting bintray certificates? If you have still such problems please create an issue at 

Thank you


serlecke's picture

Hey there,

I got a certificate error while trying to install this script. I resolved that by adding the download URLdirectly into my eclipse and removing the s from https :)

Thanks for that editor, looks great so far ;)


atregnaghi's picture

Hello Steffen,

I just tried it out by my own - I did following steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Downloaded a complete new eclipse from
  2. Opened it in empty workspace
  3. Installed bash editor by eclipse marketplace client
  4. Got a typical warning about unsigned plugin installation - as normal because I currently do not sign my plugins
  5. Restart -> OK
  6. After eclipse restart bash editor plugin works as expected

So I am not sure, but this could be an temporary issue with bintray hosting site. Maybe the certificates were outdated at your installation.
As I said, I changed nothing and it worked well (from Germany). So you should be applet to add the "s" again ...

If you have still such problems please create an issue at


Thank you 


avigliotti's picture

Hi Guys,

last little bugs are solved after I upgraded 1.5.1

I use this bash editor with various bash scripts, even a big script fo > 3500 lines.

Bash editor help me to keep clean and functional code.

The best bash editor over the world!


avigliotti's picture


I found a little mismatch; see follow code

text="a b c"
read a b c<<<"$text
echo $a $b $c  # actual code, no here-document!

Bash editor does not recognize here-string (<<<) but it believes it is here-document (<<)

All the lines following <<< (in above example echo $a $b $c) are coloured as here-document until variable name (text in above example) is found.


atregnaghi's picture

Hello Antonio again,

at I found out that you have not closed your string and this is the reason why the syntax highlighting does not work. Never the less I found out that <<< was internally handled as heredoc and not as herestring. This is now fixed, but has no influence to your described problem.

Could you please sign in to github and discuss the problems at ? This is much more convenient than on marketplace and it will be inside product issue tracking (change mangement...)

Thank you

atregnaghi's picture

Hello Antonio,

I created an issue at . Will be fixed.

avigliotti's picture

Great! I am happy to say the little bug was solved!

After upgraded bash editor I can see good syntax colors.

Thanks to Albert. I strong suggest to use this bash editor to write and update bash script. It is better than vi and better than other bash tools. This bash editor help to avoid stupid mistakes writing bash scripts.

Thanks, thanks.


avigliotti's picture

I searched for bash editor and now I found this plugin.

It is good and very useful.

Could be upgarded to solve some little mistakes. In this piece of code, the second if statament  is not coloured

   if [ -f /etc/lsb-release -o -d /etc/lsb-release.d ]; then
        DIST=$(grep "DISTRIB_ID" /etc/lsb-release|awk -F"=" '{print $2}'|tr -d "\"', \n")
        if [ -z "$DIST" ]; then

Thanks for this plug-in

atregnaghi's picture

You are wellcome!

I reentered your bug into issue tracker at

Bugfix is planned for milestone 0.7.0 (means version 0.7.0).