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OpenMake Meister® advances DevOps by providing a framework from which both developers and operation teams can communicate, manage, tweak and understand how software is compiled, linked and archived. It is integrated into Eclipse through the Eclipse Project file preventing you from writing a single line of custom compile script code. It accelerates builds, relieves congestion and gathers critical dependency information that is used to package binaries for deployment success. OpenMake Meister can improve the functionality of any Continuous Build process such as Jenkins by off loading overworked CI workflows. Meister includes Server Pooling for distributing CI workloads and supports over 10,000 builds per day on a single Meister Engine. Meister is unique in that It gives you full control over the logic that drives your compile and link process through the use of compile playbooks we call 'Build Services.' It accelerates full builds by over 50% and supports accurate incremental builds needed by agile practices. Out of the box, Meister supports over 200 languages including Java, .Net, C#, C, C++, and database objects and can be extended by the user.

Manage Smaller Builds and Decrease Risk

Meister gives you the intelligence to manage your builds and releases in smaller, less risky increments. Through source and library dependency management, Meister allows you to build for incremental releases. With Meister, agile teams can achieve 10-minute-or-less incremental builds for most projects, ensuring that continuous integration and unit testing runs smoothly and efficiently for maximum benefit. Incremental processing is supported in most languages, including Java, C#, .Net, C++, and C-Unix.

Intelligent Control Over Low-Level Tasks

Meister is the only solution that gives you intelligent control over the low-level logic that is critical to driving your software compiles. Other Build solutions rely on one-off script-driven processes that impede the hand-off of operational tasks between development teams and IT operations. With Meister your build process becomes both highly repeatable and 100% predictable through a high-level of standardization and control.

Accelerated Builds

By directing, calculating, and managing software dependencies, Meister accelerates software compile/link activity and reduces build times by over 50%. Compile speeds enable teams to implement agile and fast-moving development processes. Builds are accelerated using parallel processing to multi-task compilers and linkers, taking full advantage of separate processors on multi-core machine hardware.

Insight Into DevOps

Meister provides team leads and managers with actionable build analytics, including summarized “success/fail” reports, impact analysis reports, and audit reports, enabling better software development decision-making. Meister Insight Reports document the dependencies, environment, and other critical information about a build or release. Managers can ask and answer important questions around the impact of specific code changes to drive accurate test and release practices. Meister can even embed footprint data in binaries, enabling teams to simplify the software support and maintenance process by accurately identifying the contents and origin of any software release.

Enterprise Scalability and Cross-Platform Support

Out of the box, Meister supports most popular languages running on cross platforms. Meister supports the building of cross platform and cross language applications including z/OS. Meister can be extended and can execute any existing script.

Build Inside or Outside of Your IDE

Meister integrates with IDEs, such as Eclipse, to repeat the IDE build outside of the IDE. This repeatability supports continuous integration builds, QA builds, and pre-production builds without the need for writing custom build scripts that often become out of sync with the IDE project and solution files. This repeatability allows developers to work inside their IDE without changing their work habits and simultaneously to build their software application outside the IDE consistently and in a predictable manner.

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Organization Name: OpenMake Software

Development Status: Production/Stable

Date Created: Friday, May 25, 2007 - 10:46

License: Commercial

Date Updated: Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 12:22

Submitted by: Tracy Ragan

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