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Solution Description

Voxeo CXP Developer Edition (former name: VoiceObjects) provides a feature-rich service creation environment to simply design, build, deploy and manage self service applications on various channels: IVR (Interactive Voice Response), text, and mobile web. It contains a broad set of tools which are covering the full application lifecycle. Applications are 100% portable and operate seamlessly on leading VoiceXML-based IVR platforms such as Avaya, Aspect, Cisco, Genesys, Holly, Intervoice, Nuance, Voxeo, and more.

Download the CXP Developer edition for free and use it for developing and testing IVR, texting, and mobile web applications. For commercial use, contact sales@voxeo.com.

Key features:
- Create multi-language, multi-brand, personalized telephony services
- Create text-based services on SMS, USSD, IM, Twitter, and more
- Create mobile web based applications based on jQuery Mobile
- Create multi-channel applications that serve any combination of the above channels and provide a smooth, cross-channel customer journey
- Graphical, object based development, including tools for call flow and GUI/VUI design, media management, testing and simulation.
- Integrate call flows with any back-end system (including SOAP-based and RESTful web services), CTI (computer telephony integration) and call control platform using CCXML.
- Deploy on any VoiceXML enabled IVR, media server, and USSD/SMS/IM gateway.
- Enable automated speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS) with best-of-breed voice user interface design concepts.
- Get started with a simple DTMF (touch tone) voice application and turn it later on into an advanced speech application with natural language understanding.
- Monitor and analyze user experience in real-time with integrated call flow analytics and reporting.
- Server runtime provides carrier grade resilience and support for multi-data center deployments via a one-click deployment process.
- Deploy speech and touch-tone applications for FREE on Voxeo’s IVR solutions (premise-based or hosted). http://www.voxeo.com/free/
- Receive 24x7x365 developer support for free.

Additional Details

Organization Name: Voxeo

Development Status: Mature

Date Created: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 15:21

License: Commercial

Date Updated: Thursday, June 27, 2013 - 11:24

Submitted by: Michael Codini

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