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A simple personal accounting manager as an Eclipse desktop application. Handles multiple accounts and users. Also provides with basic accounting framework including : model, persistence, views, ...

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Organization Name: LCELB

Development Status: Production/Stable

Date Created: Tuesday, January 12, 2010 - 16:10

License: EPL

Date Updated: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - 16:07

Submitted by: Stephane fournier

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Fixes some bugs :

  • Fixes a bug with the 'New...' MenuItem in the 'File' menu.
  • Fixes a bug in the New Account Wizard about the Finish button enablement.
  • Fixes mess brings since JRE 1.7.0_12, where Arrays.sorts behave in a different way.
  • Move on Eclipse Juno SR2 platform.
  • Category color change does not take into account by Chart views.
  • Feel free to give us some feedbacks.

- Automatic Updates is now included in the application, it is activated by default (i.e a check is done at startup and every 60 minutes).
To be updated automatically you need an internet connection to go to Account Manager web site (hosted by source forge) to download the updates.
This feature only works after installing this 2.3.0 to get next releases or patches without getting boring with manual stuffs described in the Upgrading process section (just below)
Automatic updates can be configured (enabled, disabled,...) from the preferences pages.

- New Category Report Lines Chart that enables to monitor many categories amounts from the beginning of a year to the current month.
- Selected categories displayed as a Lines chart are persisted (contextual to an account) to be restored later.

- Permanent Transactions are now supported. If every month you have the same transactions (e.g. some transfer transactions, Taxes transactions...),
you can automate the import of these transactions every month instead of using copy/paste.
To proceed : first you add a Permanent Transaction node under the related year for your account (through right-click on the year).
Double-click on this node to open a transaction view to declare your permanent transactions. Afterwards, go to a month and click the Import Permanent Transaction (local toolbar of the view)
to get them.
You can notice the imported transactions are decorated with an icon in the label to easily identify them.

- Transactions view enhancements:
- Content assist support enhancement to retrieve transactions labels from the beginning of a year to current month.
- Category filter added, which allows to hide transactions pointing to selected categories to focus only on important ones.
- Import permanent transactions action added (see below).
- Automated transactions sum tool added in the status line (on the mid right).
Indeed, this tool computes automatically the sum of selected transactions as a Spreadsheet tool does for the cells.

- A switch end-user action is added in the main toolbar to make it easier to restart the application with another end-user logged-in.
- Some icons have been improved and some labels as well to have a better user experience.
- Bug fixes

- OS X Lion & Mountain Lion Full Screen support
- Application starts with your current locale, default language is English. French translations are provided.
- Transactions view enhancements:
- Content assist support is provided for transaction label, payment,category, validity combo boxes.
- Totals view enhancements:
- Provides category amounts computed from the beginning of the current year to current month : please use the switch button (or menu item) in the view's bar
- Provides a mean to sort categories (descending sort)
- New Year Totals Chart view : as for the Totals view, the computation is performed from the beginning of the year to the current month.
- All chart views can show or hide (default value) the chart legend.
- Transfer wizard enhancement : you can tag an account as creditable only (edit an account to set this property) that means you cannot use it as source of a transfer.

In reply to by Diego Rodriguez

Hi Diego,

Asap (i.e by the end of the week), we will feed the source forge bug tracker and feature requests with all existing bugs and / or enhancements.

Have a look at the SF bug and feature reports ( to see what you could implement if you're still interested in.


I tried the application however did not manage to get far: the application is in French. It would good to have at least an option to have it in English.

In reply to by Missing name M…

Hi gyenesge,

The application is also shipped with EN files.
You have to set the right NL property in accountManager.ini file.
Please add these 2 lines (do not concat them in one line) at the beginning of the file (just before -data):
en_US (or en_GB)

Sorry for this inconvenience, next release will fix that.