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Application Lifecycle Management - TD/OMS V6R0M02

Systems Development, Tools, Reporting, Rich Client Applications, Team Development, SCM

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Prolog Development Tools (ProDT) 1.0.0

Languages, Editor, IDE

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*instinctools DITAworks Documentation Tool 1.1


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*instinctools GmbH

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2-plan Desktop 2.0

Tools, Systems Development, Rich Client Applications, Application Management

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2-plan Desktop 2.0

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Best Application
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Surprise and awe the corporate and public sector worlds with this standalone and portable PM tool for project managers. For innovators and the bold at heart, integrate 2-plan Desktop with its counterpart online PM tool with killer iPhone functionality. This balanced PM app has its own unique graphical project breakdown structure tool that covers the people, process and product components of a project. It’s a free project software with an aggressively expanding feature set like Gantt chart, graphical WBS, resource allocation graphs, mind maps and risk management.

List 5 of the product's features: 
Mindmaps seamless integration with Gantt Chart
Team connector plug-in for managing online teams
Graphical work breakdown structure
Different project plan types
Human and materials resource allocation tools
How does this product help users: 
Project managers use project management software tools that are focused mainly on the process component of projects. 2-plan Desktop helps project managers address the three major components of a project: process, products and people.
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What is unique about this product?: 
It's a standalone project management software for project managers that connects to another project management software for teams.
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4D Ariadne for Eclipse 3.x

Source Code Analyzer

Last Updated on April 2, 2014 by Jidebug Team

4D Ariadne for Eclipse 4.x

Source Code Analyzer

Last Updated on April 2, 2014 by Jidebug Team

4D Jatest

Testing, Tools

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a tool for eclipse (T4Eclipse) 1.2.1


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ABAP Eclipse Editor 1.2.8


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AcceCite Studio 6.3

IDE, UI, Modeling Tools, Web

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Accela SDK for Eclipse 3.0

Mobile and Device Development

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Acceleo 3.5.0

UML, Languages, IDE, Modeling Tools

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Acceleo JavaEE Generators (Juno 3.8 version) 2.4

UML, J2EE Development Platform, Modeling, SOA Development, Modeling Tools

Last Updated on March 5, 2014 by Obeo

AccessModifier 1.2.8

IDE, Code Management, Tools, Programming Languages, Editor, General Purpose Tools

Last Updated on May 21, 2012 by Nils Winkler

Account Manager 2.3.5

Modeling, Entertainment, Rich Client Applications, BIRT

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AccuRev AccuBridge for Eclipse Plug-In 2008.1

Team Development

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Best Modeling Product
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Actifsource is a comprehensive design and code generator tool, covering domain-driven software development from domain analysis through to the design models, code generating, testing, refactoring and maintenance.

Actifsource is your Domain-Model Driven Code Generator that tightly integrates into the popular Eclipse IDE.

List 5 of the product's features: 
Real-Time Model-Validation
Type-Safe Code-Templates
Strong Typing and Content-Assist
Version Control System Integration for Multi-User-Support
Graphical Domain Editor
How does this product help users: 
Actifsource allows you to model your specific business domain - textual or graphically. Declaring the rules of your business domain (meta-model) first, enables you to enter all busines-specific data. From this machine-readable requirements, code can be generated with help of the ground-breaking Template-technology. We also provide domain-specific ready to use solutions such as a complete development tool-chain for real-time embedded-systems.
Approximately how many people work on this product: 
5 full time developers
What is unique about this product?: 
Since Actifsource allows you to enter model and meta-model in the same workspace, refactoring of the meta-models becomes possible, even if they are already used. We also provide a refactoring interface to automatically refactor large projects. This feature is extremly helpful for model refactoring when working with large and distributed teams. The Actifsource Template-technology allows you to write meta-code as easy as you write normal code. Thanks to the graphical annotations of your template code files. The Actifsource Domain-Diagram-Model allows you to model your own fully functional graphical domain diagram editor for your business specific needs.
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