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Tuleap Mylyn and Agile planner connector

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 05:15
jcaulfieldhf7's picture

I am reviewing Tuleap for our new Agile Project Management Software.

I have setup a 9.3 Tuleap server, installed the latest Eclipse Neon.2 (4.6.2) (PHP Dev).

I have attempted to connect Eclipse to the Tuleap server using the mylyn task connector.

Utilizing the latest version found on this page, it authenticates (this was a previous issue now resolved), however now the project list is empty.

I attempted to submit this issue on, however I never received the email to validate my account (I'm having the same issue on my 9.3 setup for new users, I have to validate the account personally, email was never delivered, but other notifications - like assignments - are received successfully - I digress)

I have tested the project Tuleap api call using curl, the output:

[{"id":101,"uri":"projects\/101","label":"AgileProject","shortname":"aproject","resources":[{"type":"trackers","uri":"projects\/101\/trackers"},{"type":"backlog","uri":"projects\/101\/backlog"},{"type":"milestones","uri":"projects\/101\/milestones"},{"type":"plannings","uri":"projects\/101\/plannings"},{"type":"git","uri":"projects\/101\/git"},{"type":"user_groups","uri":"projects\/101\/user_groups"},{"type":"phpwiki","uri":"projects\/101\/phpwiki"}],"additional_informations":{"agiledashboard":{"root_planning":{"id":1,"uri":"route-not-yet-implemented","label":"Sprint Planning","project":{"id":101,"uri":"projects\/101","label":null},"milestone_tracker":{"id":13,"uri":"trackers\/13","label":"Epic"},"backlog_trackers":[{"id":12,"uri":"trackers\/12"}],"milestones_uri":"plannings\/1\/milestones"}}}}]

Please fix!
I want to support opensource projects, but I am not looking for something else I have to maintain!
I really don't want to give my money to Jira!

Additional, are there plans to integrate with NetBeans?
(I can't find support for Tuleap tasking and NetBeans, surprising considering NetBeans is the recommended Tuleap dev IDE)

jcadavid's picture

When I tried to drop the install button in my Mars installation, I get "The following solutions are not compatible with this Eclipse Version" and below a list where "Tuleap Mylyn and Agile planner connector" is the only item.

Version: Mars.1 (4.5.1)
Build id: M20150904-0015

ppolloguilbert5jj's picture

@Juan, It should now work with Mars and Neon, feel free to install and test it.

ppolloguilbert5jj's picture

There will be a new release compatible with Mars/Neon soon, stay tuned!