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Oxygen (4.7)

Neon (4.6)

Mars (4.5)

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018 - 18:17
jkempsa6's picture

No installable on Eclipse Oxygen 4.7.1a.

ali56a's picture

Can you provide further information please.

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Same here. I installed this at work a few weeks back without issue (I forget which version of Eclipse).  Trying to install this at home on a fresh Eclipse install, when I drag over to the program it opens up the market page and spins for a second, but does nothing beyond that. P4 doesn't show up.

ali56a's picture

Two way to install everything:

1) If you do not have Python DLTk installed, you will be able to install everything except Python time-lapse view support since that feature depends on the Python DLTK. You can install Python DLTK afterwards and then install Python time-lapse view only.

2) Or you can install the Python DLTK first, and then install P4Eclipse using Eclipse Marketplace client.

anagpure's picture

I Installed python DLTK successfully, still can't install perforce plugin.

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Just correct a typo above: The version is 2013.1.662354.

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The update site only shows the 2012.2 release