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Darkest Dark Theme with DevStyle

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2018-09 (4.9)
Photon (4.8)
Oxygen (4.7)

Neon (4.6)

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Thursday, November 15, 2018 - 05:20
jngoo's picture

After installed the latest update, I constantly get a pop up message which is Java heap size, connection timeout on org.genuitec.theming.ui.

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Thanks for all the great reviews - for the support requests here, we'd strongly ask that you use our support forums as it makes it so much easier to get details, reply promptly, and more importantly, use the attachment feature.

mwadea's picture

atfer I installed the theme eclipse no more starts..

OS: ubuntu 16.04

eclipse c\c++ neon


error log:.

[Error log removed by Eclipse Foundation]


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Thank you for providing the details here.  I have cross-posted this to the Darkest Dark forums and would ask that in the future, you post logs there -- it is a lot easier to follow up and actually supports attachments instead of huge messages here.  Thanks!

nginsburg's picture

I prefer dark themes and Neon was giving me problems with themes across the on my linux computer. In the rtc client in dark theme, some words were black, So I tried light themes and in the light themes, links were very light blue. But with this Darkest Dark theme, everything seems to be readable.

pcastro8ej's picture


I like very much the look and feel of this plugin, but my IDE gets too slow after installing it. The Console Window is unusable and switching tabs takes forever.

I tried with a fresh install of STS and with a fresh install of Eclipse Neon + STS. Both of them started to have those problems, making them unusable for developing Spring Boot Apps.

I would like to point out that I use Spring Boot with Developer Tools (spring-boot-devtools) for auto build and live reload.

twebbcke's picture

Given popularity of STS, we do actually test with it and haven't seen any direct performance slowdowns -- right now we are unable to replicate the performance issues you are seeing with Spring Tool Suite and Dark Theme. What would be interesting to know is your workspace setup, specifically the type of projects in the workspace.

  1. You mentioned Spring Boot Apps in your summary. Do you also have several other spring projects in the workspace? Which spring framework(s) are these projects using? Are these Maven projects? Are there many Java classes in these projects?
  2. Which spring specific validators enabled for these projects? Are they defaults or you have additional validators enabled?
  3. When do you see the performance issues? Immediately after launch or when creating projects or other? Do you see any background jobs running at this time?
  4. Which appserver are you deploying your projects to?
  5. Are there are any additional settings that you think might be interesting to share?

Ideally if you could respond with details on our forums (see Support link), that would be superb!  We are striving to make Darkest Dark run smoothly across an array of Eclipse IDEs and your assistant will help greatly!

akumar72h's picture

Works really nice, My primary motive was to reduce the strain on my eyes while working.. it has reduced drastically..
One thing I noticed was , Progress bars are not aligned properly, as in the progress "blue" bar is below the blank space of progress instead of running over it.
also while launching eclipse, The workspace prompt is kind of messed up in colors with someportions like checkboxes being black while the rest of the window is "off white" as was before the installation of the plugin..

Eclipse neon.3

awatsoneas's picture

Hi Arun,

Thanks for the feedback. Would you mind posting issues with screenshots in the forums?

www. genuitec. com /forums /topics /darkest-dark/


srobinet's picture

This is a must have if you enjoy dark themes in any IDE. Brings Eclipse into the 21st century. Thanks for delivering this!

awatsoneas's picture

Thank you, Scott. We loved your comment so much that we made it into a quote card for our social media. Enjoy Darkest Dark!

agray57n's picture

I couldn't find any support forums so I'm posting this here.

I have to fight with the theme overwriting my custom syntax coloring options every time I open a workspace. I've had to resort to customizing syntax and then exporting the preferences for each workspace I have. Then, when I load a workspace, I have to import the preferences to put back all my custom syntax coloring.

Would be nice to get this fixed. Love everything about this otherwise.

awatsoneas's picture

Hi Aj,

Our tech support is already working on your issue. Please post it on our forums so they can reply as soon as they have an answer. We are glad you are loving it!!


awatsoneas's picture

Hi Aj,

Here is the link to the forums genuitec . com /forums (Eclipse won't let me post the link) would love if you can post there the issues you are having and any additional comments/concerns etc. We are glad you are loving it, though! :)

agray57n's picture

Now I remember, I didn't want to have to register :(

agray57n's picture

Thank you, not sure how I didn't find that.

rperini's picture

This theme started to be in the top 10 downloaded Eclipse plugins in no time. This points out how users consider important a good designed theme for Eclipse.
Some things I would like to see (take them as feature requests):

1) Syntax highlighter: quite unstable now, sometimes it visualizes strange characters or odd color schemes that seem to be completely random (speaking about Java here, I haven't tried much for other languages).

2) More color schemes for code syntax: those from eclipse color theme are great. And that project seem to be dead. Quite a good opportunity here ;-)

3) I love the icon style: I don't know how legal would be to rebrand some icons, but I would like to see some better icons using this style for the project explorer and maven imported projects, various mime-types, new project creation and, if possible, the most popular plugins for Eclipse: JBoss Tools, Spring STS, eGit, MercurialEclipse, etc. Expecially the Docker Tools, they refuse to use a whale for the perspective icon.

4) Stability, stability, stability. A theme has a tremendous important role: if syntax highliting goes crazy, it prevents people from working comfortably.

Thank you.

twebbcke's picture

Awesome Feedback!

1) Syntax highlighter: quite unstable now, sometimes it visualizes strange characters or odd color schemes that seem to be completely random

Mind providing some screenshots or GIFs on what you are seeing? You can tweet them to me at @timrwebb or drop them on our forums. We really aim to strive to make this rock solid. Regarding syntax coloring, that's an odd one as the theme doesn't actually do anything fancy for syntax highlighting other than just provide colors -- curious that it impacts reliability but we'll look at what you share and see what we can sort out!

2) More color schemes for code syntax: those from eclipse color theme are great. And that project seem to be dead. Quite a good opportunity here ;-)

Excellent -- this one is already on the way. We allow you to switch between Editor Color themes in 2017 CI 4 coming out in 1.5 weeks and even import your favorite existing Eclipse Color Theme right into Darkest Dark. No need to install ECT to benefit from efficient color selection, and with the benefit of not smashing thousands of preferences into your workspace.

3) I love the icon style: I don't know how legal would be to rebrand some icons, but I would like to see some better icons using this ......

We continue to strive to brand more icons and would love to have more contributions from users like you! Have you tried to install the Icon Designer to contribute some of your own suggestions? Let us know how it goes over on our Darkest Dark forums if you don't mind!

4) Stability, stability, stability

Right there with you!

sduva's picture

The Package Explorer is finally useful again! HDPI screen and this is a must.

dacarver's picture

Combine this with the preference settings that emulate the Intellij Darcula editor settings, and the combination is bliss.

rperini's picture

Should I repeat this theme is great?

qguanqunkcn's picture

the best as you know

awatsoneas's picture

We would love that. Can't get tired of reading that. :)

emerino's picture

Finally! This is THE Darkest theme I was craving for Eclipse!! At last, I have a quite smooth foreground and background coloring - along with so cool icons - to create, run and debug my Java applications =D My #CoderLife is not every in breath I take but in the great experiences that take my breath away - just as this awesome darkest theme is doing at this very moment!! You should really try it out! Most likely you will also enjoy this amazing pleasure to the eye and bring a beautiful zen-workspace to your projects ^_^