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Goal of installing this plugin is to see issues before actually shown on build machine. However, for me issues in Eclipse reported by sonar lint is different from reported on server. We are using server version 5.6 and sonarlint version 2.3.1.

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Is this plugin available for Eclipse Galileo?
If yes please guide with the process to install it!!
Thanks in advance.

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I got this error message in mars 2.

hjie's picture

I got this error message in mars 2.

ptambay's picture

File not found error during installation:
I see that the file is available at instead.
Can you please fix it?

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I'm not able to install SonarLint in Mars 4.5.1 (STS 3.7.2)

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Please download the zip and install as archive by selecting the downloaded zip in Install New Software option. This worked for me in STS 3.7.2.

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Do we need a SourceForge account to be able to download / install SonarLint plugin? I get prompted for a SourceForge userid / password when I try to install this. Doesn't seem to be a requirement for other plugins....

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This is very strange since we have no relation at all with SourceForge. Can you please join SonarLint user group so that we can investigate (this is not the best place to handle support).