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Parasoft's service virtualization helps development and QA teams create and access any environment needed to develop or test an application. It complements hardware virtualization & dramatically reduces the costs associated with configuring & managing test environments. Since it's not feasible to leverage hardware virtualization for every dependent application (e.g., databases, mainframes, 3rd-party systems), service virtualization fills the gap by providing access to their behavior.

* Gain easy access to constrained components that impede development & testing.
* Cut scheduling constraints with ubiquitous access to an accurate test environment.
* Eliminate process bottlenecks with rapid access to evolving or unavailable dependent apps.

Capture Real System Behavior for Anytime Access

For easy recording and virtualization of dependent applications' behavior, Parasoft Virtualize captures live dependent application traffic connected to the application under test. After a simple one-time set up, Parasoft Virtualize monitors behavior at any number of endpoints on demand, then represents this behavior in "virtual assets" that can stand in for the actual constrained components. Beyond web services, Virtualize captures the behavior of databases, messaging systems, middleware, mainframes, ESBs, legacy systems, and more.

Rapidly Model the Behavior of Incomplete or Unavailable Components

If dependent application components are not available for live recording, Parasoft Virtualize enables you to rapidly model virtual assets that represent the anticipated behavior. You can automatically generate a virtual asset from a definition file or from transaction logs—or you can model the expected behavior through an intuitive graphical interface. Leveraging the broad scope of protocol support available to facilitate modeling, you can rapidly build a virtual asset that emulates practically any behavior.

Simplify Complete Test Environment Provisioning

Enabling dev/test teams to instantly provision virtual assets, Parasoft helps them rapidly stand up the specific environment instances they need to access. From an intuitive user interface, you can direct which asset version (real or virtual), performance profiles, and data sources to apply in any instance.

Access Constrained Components on Your Own Schedule

Working in an environment where constrained components are replaced with virtual assets, developers and testers gain the freedom to perform their expected tasks whenever they want, as extensively as they want. For teams working with limited-access components, this means no more struggling with inconveniently-scheduled access times (e.g., 2 a.m. on Saturday morning), no time wasted setting the test environment to the desired state, and no access fees incurred. For teams trying to work in parallel, this means no more deadlocks or delaying testing until late in the process—when defects are exponentially more difficult and costly to fix.

Virtual assets are available 24/7 for unit, functional and performance testing—automated or manual. They can be leveraged by any test environment, including Parasoft Test, HP Quality Center suite, IBM Rational Quality Management suite, Oracle ATS, and more.

Easily Set Test Conditions that are Difficult to Achieve

Enabling teams to significantly extend the breadth of their testing, Parasoft Virtualize makes it simple to configure "virtual assets" to mimic specific conditions that would be difficult to achieve in an actual staging environment. This is especially challenging if you have limited access to (or control over) the component. For instance, you can easily set the component's performance (timing, latency, and delay) to emulate peak, expected, and slow performance.

You can also apply and modify test data for each particular asset to reproduce specific conditions critical for completing dev/test tasks. For example, you can configure various error and failure conditions that are difficult to reproduce or replicate with real systems.

Additional Details

Organization Name: Parasoft

Development Status: Production/Stable

Date Created: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 14:37

License: Commercial

Date Updated: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 11:32

Submitted by: Mitchell Roemer

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