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COFIQ allows service portfolio management the easy way. No cumbersome XML/XSD/WSDL/JSON/YAML manipulation. COFIQ generates these for you from a single repository with vocabularies, message and service definitions. Ofcourse available as SAAS solution.

The main attraction of COFIQ is that it guards interoperability and recognizes obsolete services, triggering you to define new versions and determining the impact of vocabulary changes before committing them. This proved illusive for most SOA initiatives, leading to JBOWS at best (Just a Bunch of Web Services). Manually determining the impact of vocabulary changes under pressure from projects has proven too much. With COFIQ this is a breeze! COFIQ generates single file WSDL's (1.1), OpenAPI3.0 (Json and Yaml) and JSON HYPER SCHEMA formats for direct tool consumption. Again all from the same repository with a simple press of a button!

Its value becomes clear when new formats arrive. Now we are working on GraphQL, easy as we know our respository structure can accomodate without changes. Next version of COFIQ will have GraphQL added to its reportoire. Soon!

The generated service-definitions can be imported into Eclipse (WSDL) or other tools able to import Service/API/Microservice contracts like APIMATIC for subsequent generation of stubs and skeletons, making it a loosely coupled component in your Service/API development process.

For human consumption COFIQ uses its user interface, data visualization (force directed graphs) and trusty PDF reports, allowing you to capture and review semantics and syntax precisely. There is really no need to learn any of the specific standard formats. You just interact with the format agnostic repository.

Use the free 30 day trial. And don't hesitate to contact us for any question. Our service developement approach is focused on keeping things as simple as possible and really reaping the benefits of services that have escaped many of us. We have developed a unique approach where a single repository model can support WSDL as well as REST/API standards. After all, services, independent of format used, can be seen as black boxes with inputs and outputs.

** We have discovered that starting a Paypal subscription, even with a 30 free trial period and the option to cancel at any time, forms a threshold for some potential customers. Please contact us for a custom trial setup if that is the case.

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