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Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 07:37
mmisingnameori's picture

I decided to move project development to GitHub. New project home is

Please change your update site URL to

amisingname6bu's picture

This plugin is great but right Enter key doesn't work when I choose an item from the clipboard list. Could you please fix that?

mmisingnameori's picture

Hi Andrey,

Sorry for a late answer. As I wrote below, I don't get notifications from the on the comments posted here. Feel free to use to make it faster.

Anyway, here's v1.1.5 available. It contains fix for the Numpad Enter and also limits displayed strings length to 120 chars. I'll be glad to hear your comments if it makes things better or no.

Best regards,
Mikhail Barg.

mmisingnameori's picture

Hi everybody!
The Marketplace site does not seem to have notifications on posts there.. So please use the MoreClipboard support forums on the Sourceforge site to report problems, ask for support and everything else!

mmisingnameai1's picture

Hi. After installing this i can't show MoreClipboard view in Zend Studio 7.2.

Any tips? Thank you. Tom.

mmisingnameori's picture

I haven't tested the plugin with Zend Studio, but I believe there should be no issues with it..
Can you post an error log to the More Clipboard support forum: ?
Any other information on the problem would be appreciated.

BTW, what JRE version do you use?

amisingname8f8's picture

Seems to have a "clipboard" of its own. Text copied from other applications will not be available for pasting via MoreClipboard. Removes the transparency and hence makes this plugin useless for me.

mmisingnameori's picture


Since v1.1.2 the plugin provides the integration with the system clipboard by default. If there's something more you need, feel free to post request in the forums.

vmisingname3xh's picture

This plugin was working with Ganymede.

Is it suppose to work with Galileo?

I'm able to choose what I want to paste but the text is not pasted.

I need to redo a normal paste to get the chosen text.

Any idea? or update?


mmisingnameori's picture

Vincent, you may try a new version available at the update site. Does it solve your problems?

Please note that if you have have previously installed More Clipboard v1.0.1 you will have to manually delete the ECLIPSE_ROOT/plugins/MoreClipboard_1.0.1.jar before or after updating.

vmisingname3xh's picture

Hi, I've changed to Helios by the time.

I dropped the jar file in the plugins folder and it seems to not be installed in eclipse.

Btw, I'm using the Helios CDT Eclipse.

Any idea?

mmisingnameori's picture

Hi again, Vincent!

Sorry for a late naswer again. As I wrote above, I cannot find a way to subscribe to comments on my plugin on this marketplace site, but it works on the site, so if you like to get faster replies, you are welcome to write there:

Regarding your question, that's pretty strange for I have the plugin working on Helios both on regular platform SDK package and CDT package.

So you may try the following:

- Check that the plugin is installed or not as explained there: If there's a "MoreClipboard Contents" view available, then the plugin is installed and you just should configure it properly (also explained in the docs).

- Remove the .jar file from the plugins folder where you put it manually and try installing the plugin from the update site using the Help->Install New Software menu in Eclipse. Then check if it's installed.

- Try opening the Error log (Window->Show view->Other->General->Error log) and check if there are any problems containing the "moreclipboard" string. If yes, then please post the data to the Help forum (

mmisingnameori's picture


Sorry for a late answer. I'm pretty sure the plugin is working with Galileo as I am using it all the time.. It's really strange that you have problems with it. I'd like to have more details on the problem you are facing. Could you supply more details in the SourceForge project forum?