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Solution Description

MCore is a platform specific modeling language (PSML) targeted to the Eclipse + ECore + OCL platform. It provides a generic tabular syntax (like Excel sheets) both for itself, as well as a specialized tabular syntax for any model defined in MCore. It provides a bidirectional mapping from and to ECore, allowing to apply it to any ECore model. Also it generates standard ECore code. MCore is a tool to

  • analyse your business problems both in diagrams and tables
  • design and implement solutions using a tabular interface, similar to a business rule editor
  • build, deploy, and operate your business in a tailored generated solution looking like a simple excel sheet, but behaving like a full scaled business software.

With MCore you can literally save milions by avoiding to run or implement suboptimal or wrong solutions. The savings will result from

Stability in Operations
  • avoided operational risks
  • improved coherence to rules
Cost Reduction in Projects
  • saved time from business experts
  • saved IT costs
Faster Time to Market
  • gained agility
  • optimized processes

The main advantages of MCore are:

Simple and Rigid Solutioning
  • MCore provides a simple but rigid tool for solving problems. It is covering analysis of the problem as well as design and implementation of the solution. Business can then be operated directly using the automatically generated, built, and deployed software.
Next Gen "Paper Based"
  • The newest and most profitable business models of an organization are typically run in a so called "paper based" way, simply because waiting for IT canot be afforded. MCore is as simple as the typical tools used for this (e.g. Excel, Access, Visio), but is open and scales from simple to complex.
Coalescing Analysis & Operations
  • Nowadays activities of analysis, implementation and operations are coalescing. MCore borrows the business friendly tabular interface from Excel, and makes it available to the business user, across analysis, implementation, and operation activities.

In addition you get with MCore tooling:

  • Calculations are defined  in a business rule editor, with pulldowns and forms. ADVANTAGE: no need to learn textual syntax as in Excel or to program
  • Tables of objects can be nested, through a tree like folding structure. ADVANTAGE: to display and manage 1000 objects, you simply introduce three hierarchy levels, resulting on 10 objects per level
  • objects can be directly referenced, rather than using any kind of "key". ADVANTAGE: references remain valid infinitely through a unique ID assigned to every object on creation.
  • A diagrammatic view like in Visio is provided for objects, their concepts and relations. ADVANTAGE: no need to leave the real data to discuss a few objects and to clarify the underlying concepts and relations.
  • Mature structures and calculations can be deployed like real software. ADVANTAGE: if your structure and calculations become mature, can generate a specialized tool for your domain!
  • Hand over to IT becomes smooth, as the needed IT artefacts are generated for you. ADVANTAGE: if your new business model moves from "paper based" to IT managed, you can simply hand over the MCore model!

The licence model is EPL (ATTENTION: we need to update the licence info in the code...)

Additional Details

Eclipse Versions: Neon (4.6)

Platform Support: Windows, Mac

Organization Name: Montages Open Source Project

Development Status: Production/Stable

Date Created: Thursday, August 27, 2015 - 11:36

License: EPL

Date Updated: Thursday, June 6, 2019 - 12:51

Submitted by: Philipp Kutter

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