CBFS Storage

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An efficient development library enabling you to create and embed secure, fully-functional filesystems anywhere -- hard drives, flash cards, custom-built hardware, database records, raw memory, and anywhere else data can be persisted. Offered in a Java edition that provides seamless integration with popular development environments like Eclipse and others.  

Store a Complete Filesystem Anywhere

CBFS Storage is an all-in-one file storage solution that allows you to create and embed a high-performance filesystem anywhere. Your application will benefit from features such as automatic storage management, flexible mounting options, custom disk icons, PnP device emulation, multithreaded read/write operations, custom file attributes and tags, and more. Plus, the added peace of mind knowing that your data is secure thanks to built-in support for modern data encryption.



  • Consolidate and Organize Multiple Files: Consolidate and organize your application's data rather than having it scattered across numerous files. Storing everything in one place decreases data fragmentation, and simplifies data maintenance (copying, moving, etc.) and disaster recovery.
  • Maintain Data Integrity: Included journaling support helps maintain the integrity of your data. Anytime the filesystem's contents are changed (data is written, a directory is renamed, etc.), information about the change is recorded in a special log file internally.
  • Streamline Data Access: Applications with a large number of files send many requests to the filesystem, potentially slowing performance. CBFS Storage reduces the amount of time needed to access your data since its engine operates completely in user mode, and requires few calls to the filesystem.
  • Handle Compound File Formats: Included features such as alternate data streams, application-defined attributes, and custom metadata; allowing you to work with compound file formats easily and efficiently.
  • Secure Data with Modern Encryption: Support for both per-file and whole-file-system encryption mechanisms, so that you—and your end-users—can be confident that your application's data is safe and secure at all times. Applications may rely on either the modern cryptographic algorithms that come built-in, or provide their own encryption implementation via well-defined extension points in the CBFS Storage API.
  • Outstanding Technical Support: Backed by an expert team of support professionals. Unlimited free Email support or paid Premium Support options.
  • Other Features...: Detailed documentation, sample applications, how-to articles, and more!

For more information, please visit https://www.callback.com/cbfsstorage

To download the free trial, visit https://www.callback.com/cbfsstorage/download.aspx

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