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If you like to write UI for Android by hands, you know everything about XML. All known issue XML is large and contains a lot of no need characters to type them again and again. Remember Lisp? Good.

Now you do not need type "<......="...."....="...">........" and etc. All you need is open "(" and close ")", nothing else.

For example:
You need to write something like this:

android:layout_height="match_parent" android:layout_width="match_parent"
android:orientation="vertical" />

Now you gonna write only this:

(layout_height match_parent)
(layout_width match_parent)
(orientation vertical))

As you can notice it's a simple format: (NAME VALUE)
Value can be new element, so: (NAME1 (NAME2 VALUE2)) and now

As you can see if simple element defined (NAME VALUE), it will be an attribute to parent element. Of course you must be able to implement children elements, it's still same way: (NAME1 (NAME2 (NAME3 VALUE3))) and now

I think it's simple and very easy to type in code editor. When you finish typing, right-click and find out "Android Generate XML", click and you'll see XML, now click, for mac, Command + Shift + F to format XML, and that's it!

Thanks and good luck.

Tags: android, xml

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