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Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - 05:18
jburnham's picture

and I like the color of my Eclipse layout, much easier on the eyes.  But after getting a popup pushing other products, I uninstalled.  Sorry, I have no tolerance for this type of advertising.  This should be listed in the product description and feels somewhat deceptive.

bfernandestdp's picture

John, this is the first popup in 14 months of DevStyle's existence, put out there as we believe our users would benefit from our new CodeMix plugin.

We respect our users very much, and are happy to provide this very popular plugin entirely free. We'll continue to be very sensitive about not popping up frequently; sorry it rubbed you the wrong way, and hopefully we’ll see you back again!

jzhaon6l's picture

I imported the Solarized light color, it works for the syntax. But if I want to use its background color, I need to check background color in Devstyle setting. This will change the background color at the beginning. But it will change back to default(white/black) color if I change to a different program's window. I am using Eclipse Oxygen at mac High Sierra. Thanks!

tweddlelmg's picture

Sorry that you're seeing a problem, Jun Zhao. I tried to replicate the problem, from your description and couldn't. Could you please raise the issue on our support forums? The support forum is here:

We'd need to know exactly what settings were used on the DevStyle preferences pages and how you imported the Solarized theme, as well as specific release information for eclipse Oxygen and DevStyle. Some screenshots of the problem would be a big help, too.

Thanks for using DevStyle.

mfadli's picture

It's a great theme.

I need a help to switch the default Eclipse workspace choice launcher back to Darkest theme.

tweddlelmg's picture

Thanks for your comment, Miki. It is much appreciated.

To use the DevStyle eclipse launcher, go to Window>Preferences>DevStyle then enable the "Use the Startup Experience" option. Click "Apply and Close" and you're all set. Please use our support forums if you have further issues:

nravi46c's picture

I have devstyle dark theme installed, it is good and i am having a good user experience with it. 

May I know, how to edit the start up quotes/jokes when i lauch eclipse?.

tweddlelmg's picture

Thanks for the comments, Naveen. I'm glad you're enjoying the theme and the other DevStyle features. Unfortunately, the start-up quotes are not accessible by users. Sorry!

psapre's picture


Thanks for making such an awesome theme experience free to the community. I hate the default dark theme Eclipse provides since not everything is properly dark and the icons look awful.

However, DevStyle cleanly replaces all icons and impart an excellent themed experience. I use it for C/C++ development. One suggestion I have is you could make the syntax coloring better. This is an area where the eclipse default dark theme does a good job. e.g. I manually set the color of function to be green for easy identification and skimming of the code. You can take cues from editors like Sublime text as well.

dlehmannvh8's picture

I really like this, however I have one problem with it: In my package explorer, some entries do not get styled. The font is black and the background white instead of the other way around, which makes working with the package explorer unpleasant.

tweddlelmg's picture

Thanks for using Darkest Dark, Daniel. I'm glad you like it. Regarding your problem with Package Explorer, could you provide more information, as I don't see the same issue at my end? What is the OS, the version of eclipse and a screenshot would help. Is it a certain type of entry that is causing the problem (a certain project type or file type, for example)? For problem investigation, our support forums are probably a better platform for investigating. If you could use the forums, rather than this MarketPlace listing page, then that would be awesome, but we can help here too (though sometimes with more of a delay).

beanthedemon's picture

Using Windows, When a list is opened, (i.e. with CTRL+SHIFT+T) the first element in the list is always highlighted with a lightgray color that makes it impossible to read the underlaying white text. Please fix, I love everything else about this theme!!

tweddlelmg's picture

Glad you like the theme, DB! Sorry about the bad color scheme though I don't see that when I tried with the Darkest Dark theme on Windows 10, here. In my case, the highlight is a medium gray, not a light gray. Can you please report this on our forum with a screenshot of the problem and a note to say which version of DevStyle you have installed (you can get this from Help>Installation Details, Installed Software tab) and what your theme settings are in the DevStyle>Color Themes preferences page? Apologies for the inconvenience.

370921291's picture

[Issue Description]

I don't know why Devstyle always erases the formatting of  SYNTAX COLORING settings.

Once you close your Eclipse, all the format setting in syntax coloring will be reset to a fixed normal style, like italic of static items, of bold for keywords.

No matter how I saved the configuration it didn't change. Even importing a preferences file(.epf) can't overwrite the format 

It seems like happened only in Dark series theme, Light series theme works fine.(But every one dose need the Darkest Dark)

Same problem happended in Eclipse Photon too.

[Enviroment Information]

OS: Windows 10.1709(16299.214)

Eclipse Version: Oxygen.2 Release (4.7.2)

Theme: Dark Grey

tweddlelmg's picture

I believe this issue is being dealt with on our support forums at:

If this is a different issue, please raise it in a new topic on that forum and I apologise for the inconvenience.

alaneu6d's picture


I am having issues with the plugin I can't seem to fix.

Firstly, when Eclipse opens, this prompt pops up (every time):

"Given how DevStyle intercepts certain components of this IDE, it is recommended to restart now. Continue with restart?"

When trying to update, it says update pending and nothing happens.

When trying to modify, it says "The currently displayed page contains invalid values."

Anyone have any idea what's going on? I tried to delete the metadata, but that changed nothing. Thanks!

tweddlelmg's picture

For all the users seeing this problem, note that the fix is in the new update which is available now. Please check for updates to get the latest release of DevStyle. New installs of DevStyle will not see this issue. Sorry to all who've seen the issue for the inconvenience and thanks for installing the plug-in.

csavoie's picture

I'm having the same issue with this latest build. This issue is consitant.


tweddlelmg's picture

Charles, sorry you're also hitting this problem. As I've mentioned here, the fix for this will be in the next release which is due quite soon (sorry, no definite schedule). In the meantime, the only workaround, which appears to work for some people, is to reinstall eclipse and the DevStyle plug-in.

Again, really sorry that you're seeing this but, hopefully, we'll sort it out soon.

smottram's picture

Same issue, glad a fix is on the way.

What concerns me is that this was fine then all of a sudden broken,  I had done no updates but I have noticed some updates happening in Eclipse in background but I always have auto update turned off.  Is DevStyle auto updating in background without my say so?

tweddlelmg's picture

Sorry about this, Simon. It was actually a separate issue from the one reported earlier (though with the same symptom) but this has now been fixed in the latest update.

tweddlelmg's picture

For information, this issue is being dealt with in our ticket system.

msilbernagl's picture

Same here: kept getting "Given how DevStyle intercepts certain components of this IDE, it is recommended to restart now." message on start and IDE was super unstable (e.g., TreeViews showed wrong node labels).

Wasted half a day on this; ended up installing Eclipse from scratch.

tweddlelmg's picture

Many apologies for your wasted time, Martin. We've been investigating this for some time but have been unable to replicate consistently (we managed replication once but it's unclear whether it's an identical situation). We continue to try to track down the cause but I'm glad you eventually managed to get round it with a re-install (though that, obvioiusly, shouldn't have been necessary). Can you please let us know whether this started to occur after updating to CI 11, or after some other event? Also, which version of eclipse were you using? That mlight help us establish a pattern.

Again, sorry that you had this experience and thanks for using DevStyle.

wguojin's picture

After upgrading DevStyle yesterday, I have also met this problem. When I start up Eclipse, It keeps telling me to restart with the message of "Given how DevStyle intercepts certain components of this IDE, it is recommended to restart now. Continue with restart?". Needs help.

tweddlelmg's picture

Wang Guojin, sorry you're seeing this. We've had a small number of users report the same problem but had been unable to replicate it consistently, making it difficult to debug. However, we've recently been able to replicate it consistently and have fixed the bug internally. Hopefully, it will make the next update. Until then, the only way to fix it appears to be to re-install eclipse and DevStyle.

jperfection's picture

On Eclipse PDT,

1. PHP file and open folder icons are the old icons.

2. How can I change workbench color to the black? Custom color 0,0,0 showing somthing like gray color. I also want to change tab border color to same as the workbench color.

tweddlelmg's picture

I'm afraid we can't provide replacement icons for every icon that might be available in various plugins though we do provide a facility for others to add to the collection of new icons. Please read this article for more information:

Regarding the color problem, I'm afraid the problem isn't clear to us. Please clarify, with a screenshot of the problem, in our support forums: using the Theme Problems forum.

Thanks for using DevStyle.

mzahraei's picture



i tried to applay new Dark IDE  but resoulation is very very bad and icoudont be able to read Code.

tweddlelmg's picture

Mehdi, sorry you're seeing problems with your chosen theme. If possible, could you please post more details to our support forum, including a screenshot of the issue and the theme you've chosen? You can reach the forum here:

dceraso's picture

Hi congrats for this theme.

I just experiences a couple of problems maybe you could improve.

I'm using Eclipse Oxigen 4.7.1a on Windows 10.

1. The icons have no difference when they are selected or not (i.e. the "Skip all Breackpoints" is exactly the same if selected or not. No borders no icon change, so I don't know if it is enabled).

2. When a list is opened, (i.e. with CTRL+SHIFT+T) the first element in the list is always highlighted with a lightgray color that makes hard to read the underlaying white text.


For the rest it looks great to me till now,

tweddlelmg's picture

Thanks for the compliments Davide. I've done some checking on Oxygen and don't see the issues you mentioned. Could you provide us with more information, please? It would be better to deal with this on our support forum, if you can. We'd need to know the theme you're using (I checked with Darkest Dark) and whether you've altered any of the settings. Our DevStyle forums can be reached at

xwangkbm's picture

Dear Developer , I like the icon , Is`s beautiful. But I can not set a dark editor with a light workbench. Can you relieve the limit? Thank you very much for such a wonderful plug-in!

tweddlelmg's picture

I'm afraid that editor themes optimized for a dark workspace theme cannot be imported with DevStyle. The only option you have is to use a classic eclipse theme and then import a dark editor theme as an epf file (using Filel>Import>General>Preferences). I'm afraid you you won't have DevStyle theme icons in this case.

I have raised an enhancement request to allow a dark editor theme with a light DevStyle theme but it may not be possible due to the optimizations DevStyle makes.

iattilao4u's picture

Hello! I have set a light theme, but i want only my text editors to hava darb background. I did the following: Preferences->General->Editors->Text Editors-> set the Background color to 30,30,30 -> push Apply. The editor turned dark, the rest of the Eclipse stayed light. Then I pushed Apply and Close and the editor turned back to light. Can we expect, that in a future release it will be posssible to set a dark text editor background for a light theme? Thank you for your reply! 

tweddlelmg's picture

Illés, those standard eclipse settings will be overriden when you choose to use a theme. You can, however, import themes from or even create one yourself. Such editor themes can be downloaded as XML files and then imported using Preferences->DevStyle->Color Themes but clicking the "Import" link. To use the theme's background in editors, select the "Theme Background" option under the Editor Theme. However, note that a dark background is assumed to be associated with a dark workspace theme and you may not be able to apply the theme.

If you have further questions or issues, it would be best if you raised them on our support forums:

Thanks for using DevStyle.

jdugas's picture

I have been having trouble getting Eclipse colors for everything just right with the Default Dark Theme. This utility fixed most of the issues. It isn't perfect but resolved the major ones I had. The only problem is that now Eclipse keeps crashing. I'm going to have to uninstall it.

bfernandestdp's picture

Jake - we're glad you like the theme. We haven't had reports of the theme causing crashes - can you help us by telling us what OS you're on, and what distribution, exactly, of Eclipse you are using? Do you have any additional third party plugins installed?

jdugas's picture

I'm on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Service Pack 1.

Eclipse Oxygen.2 Release (4.7.2)

My Other plug-ins were all working for quite sometime with no crashes of Eclipse.
Other Plug-ins:

  • dev environment proprietary language tools (not public)
  • Oomph
  • Webclipse
  • emacs plus

I ended up leaving it installed because I like it and I figured out that I only end up seeing crashes after saving preferences. Not immediately afterward, but usually not long after.
In general I was trying to figure out what controlled the hover help text, which is being fed from a wiki. It's a very tough to read which background with very light gray text. I've worked around it by just highlighing all the popup text or launching the full wiki page.

I'm using the following settings in DevStyle

workbench Theme: Dark Gray (Darkest Dark)
Icon colors: Primary Colors
Editor Theme: Retta
Theme Background: unchecked
Force Colors: unchecked
Enable Breadcrumb: unchecked
Allow Oomph to track...: unchecked




tweddlelmg's picture


Thanks for that. It may be that the proprietary plug-in is conflicting with something. We'd like to track this down but our standard support channels are a better place to do that. If possible, can you post to our DevStyle support forum at or send an email to our ticket system (support at If you can clear the error log, then replicate the problem, please attach the eclipse error log to the forum post or your email (note that the error log can be exported to a text file from the error log view).

Sorry for the inconvenience.

klinlqg's picture

Hi, it's such an amazing plugin that I can't ignore it. But I kept getting this error while trying to install it over and over again..

No repository found at



tweddlelmg's picture

Sorry for the late reply, Kyle; looks like your comment only just got allowed through. We did have some technical issues at the time but they were quickly resolved. I hope you've been able to install DevStyle now. If you have problem, please report them on our forums at

alandarkworld's picture

So first of all, this is a very nice theme. There are however some elements that seem to have gone unnoticed (i.e. they are still bright). I'm using Eclipse Oxygen.2 64bit on Windows 10.

  1. The border of the "quick access" search bar in the top-right of the UI is still near-white and visually pops out.
  2. The "find" bar in the Task List view has the same issue as 1). Maybe they use the same widget in the background?
  3. The Preferences menu has white separator lines (honestly I would drop them entirely they have always been ugly)
  4. All plain buttons (e.g. Preferences "Apply" button) look awkward with their white border and hard corners, don't really fit in with the rest of the elegant theme. Also, focused buttons have a really weird double-outline (white from the button plus blue from the focus state).
  5. The margins of the "tree view" in the Preferences window are off. The tree view has a darker background than the window, that would be fine but it doesn't cover all available space, creating strange-looking areas.
  6. Group panes should use a darker outline, currently it's almost white.
  7. Checkboxes could use some dark love, too.
  8. Dropdown-menus have nice styling on the overlay that pops up, but the dropdown-button itself looks untouched compared to the regular eclipse theme.

Finally, I know that this is an odd question to ask, but could you include an option to keep the regular eclipse icons? They aren't perfect, but I'm just too used to them by now, I can't find anything without them.

tweddlelmg's picture

Thanks for the comments, Alan. We're always looking to improve the theme and you make a lot of great points. I'll pass your comments on to the development team; I'm sure they'll take many or all of them on board.

Thanks again.

nkumarcyn's picture

After uninstalling this theme, my eclipse stopped working giving this exception.

java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: ECLIPSE_COLORS

bfernandestdp's picture

Nishant - we're sorry to hear that. This looks like something that would be caused by an incomplete uninstallation. Did you install it using the Eclipse uninstallation process? Could you tell us what distribution of Eclipse you are using, what version and what OS?

krider's picture

Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers.
Version: Oxygen.1a Release (4.7.1a)
Build id: 20171005-1200
OS: Windows 10, v.10.0, x86_64 / win32

for example:

public class HelloWorld {
private int unusedInt = 0;
private boolean unusedBoolean = true;

public static void main(String[] args) {

private static String sayHello() {
  return "Hello World";


the class  HelloWorld's clolor must be red,but it's white.

i reinstall the theme,it still the same.


why ? 

it can't surport the Java EE IDE for web developers(4.71a) ?


bfernandestdp's picture

KR - we definitely support the configuration you have specified. Can you tell us what version of DevStyle you are using, as well as what the Workbench theme and the Editor theme selections on the DevStyle preference page are set to?

blackj0221's picture

This is very good theme but I want to change also menu bar's color.(File, Edit, Source, ...)

Is it impossible?

bfernandestdp's picture

Thank you for asking - I'm afraid this isn't something we can do yet, it's typically an OS-level change. What OS are you using?