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green is a LIVE round-tripping UML class diagram editor, meaning that it supports both software engineering and reverse engineering of existing code. You can use green to create a UML class diagram from existing code, or to generate new code by drawing a class diagram.

green was developed with the pedagogical goal of focusing students on design. However green has proven to be a robust and flexible tool that can easily provide UML support in any environment.

green also supports incremental exploration of a codebase. By selecting a class and doing an "incrementally explore" operation, all types which the class is related to are brought into the diagram.

All the relationships that green uses are plug-ins to green. This means that at any time you can remove one of the pre-defined relationships, or if you are interested, you can develop your own relationship as a plug-in to green. In our teaching we reveal the relationships one at a time as we teach students about them.

green can save diagrams as simple XML files, and can also save diagrams as in a jpg format (for printing or inclusion in a web page).

green now supports Zoom functionality! Download today!

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Organization Name: University at Buffalo

Development Status: Production/Stable

Date Created: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 - 09:34

License: EPL

Date Updated: Monday, June 30, 2014 - 14:24

Submitted by: Carl Alphonce

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I highly recommend not using this on large projects. Will freeze the eclipse until its done its work. WHen its done it was cluttered at first. And then hard to minipulate due to large amounts of classes...

Otherwise This is a very nice plugin for eclipse But i think automating my UML shit is prob not best thing to do on eclipse..

nice ui, but be careful as this round-trip editor actually deleted source file
when i deleted the class element in the uml diagram !