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The CodeNarc Eclipse plug-in integrates the source code analyzer CodeNarc into Eclipse....
Last Updated on 23 December 2013 by Rene Scheibe
The CAM editor is the leading open source XML Editor/Validation/Schema design tool for rapidly building and deploying XML / SQL information exchanges. With visual WYSIWYG...
Last Updated on 2 May 2013 by David Webber
The CDO (Connected Data Objects) Model Repository is a distributed shared model framework for EMF models and meta models. CDO is also a model runtime environment with a focus on...
Last Updated on 9 January 2014 by Eike Stepper
Rich Text Editor project...
Last Updated on 3 December 2009 by Pavel Petrochenko
This is a free Verilog Editor plugin for Eclipse. ...
Last Updated on 2 September 2014 by Philippe Faes
html5WTP is a tool make Eclipse WTP support html5 javascript code content assistance. home page is
Last Updated on 21 May 2013 by Adam Newman
Enide Studio for Windows x64 & x32 is published on SourceForge. It is based on Eclipse Kepler Java/DSL and includes Nodeclipse 0.5 and other plugins for Node.js, JavaScript,...
Last Updated on 25 February 2014 by Paul Verest