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Fully automatic time tracking for Eclipse. Open source on github:
Last Updated on 30 September 2014 by Alan Hamlett
Get Localization is a service (SaaS) for managing software translation. It provides an easy-to-use collaborative web browser based properties, strings.xml etc. editor for...
Last Updated on 15 September 2014 by Get Localization
Snip2Code offers a solution to store and publish software snippets and maintain such snippets always up to date. This solutions appeals to the needs of software companies who...
Last Updated on 7 September 2014 by Cristiano Ghersi
This is an extension of GitHub Mylyn Connector. We are working on various utilities that would help a developer use GitHub more effectively from Eclipse itself....
Last Updated on 19 August 2014 by Annamalai Chockalingam
ECF is a framework for building distributed servers, applications, and tools. It provides a modular implementation of the OSGi Remote Services standard and implements the OSGi...
Last Updated on 19 August 2014 by Wim Jongman
Specify eclipse formatting rules and plugin settings only once in your Maven project definition and have everybody on your team use the same settings. No more code formatting...
Last Updated on 16 July 2014 by Martijn Dashorst
Mylyn Intent is an open source documentation environment, that allows you to keep your doc synchronized with any development artifact (Source code, Models, Dependencies...)...
Last Updated on 9 July 2014 by Obeo
A plugin to work with the Bazaar source code management tool. bzr-eclipse uses the standard Eclipse team interfaces.
Last Updated on 25 June 2014 by Alexander Taler
SourceTalk is a real-time collaboration tool that allows you to share source code and discuss it with your remote colleagues—just as if you were working in the same office!
Last Updated on 24 April 2014 by Oleg Kalistratov
plugin to be deleted
Last Updated on 8 March 2014 by Georg Henzler