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I am testing gitflow command line (1.10.2) and and your plug-in.

I have noticed that your plug-in does not respect configuration value like gitflow.feature.start.fetch=true stored in .gitconfig.

I was wondering, is it possible to configure the default behaviour of your plug-in somehow?



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Hi Andreas,

great to hear you want to try EGits Gitflow support. From the version you mentioned, I'm guessing you are using the gitflow-avh fork of the command line tools. Correct? Though, it looks like nvie's tools already support this configuration option [1].

I think it absolutely makes sense to add support for this to EGit. Could you raise a new bug in Bugzilla for this [2]?




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After installing the plugin from the Marketplace (Gitflow Nightly, version 4.2.0) in STS 3.7.2 based on Eclipse 4.5.1 I experience a very slow UI response. Every key stroke requires about 5 seconds to process. Before the installation Eclipse was really running fast, but after the installation it is no use anymore.

Are these plugins not compatible? Or am I doing something wrong?

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Thanks for your feedback! I'm not sure what could be causing this issue, so it would be great, if you could help us narrowing it down.
Did you have the Eclipse error reporting turned on? If so, any UI freezes should have been reported, and we should be able to see the details (e.g. which thread froze) soon.

Could you also try to reproduce the issue with your setup, but with this version of Gitflow instead:

In any case, feel free to open a bug here:
This will tell us if any recent commits caused this issue.

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mhohenegger's picture

The issue has been resolved.