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Where teamwork and software delivery unite.

Eloquent and intelligent , Secure Delivery Center 2015 solves many enterprise pain points at the intersection of team management and delivery. Trusted by Boeing, CERN, Daimler, Salomon Automation, Cisco and others.

Centralize Eclipse Distribution
IT teams managing Eclipse need to address the array of requests from their teams. Leveraging SDC allows even the most Eclipse-naive IT member to create advanced configurations with minimal effort.

Keep Project Members in Sync
SDC allows engineers to stay up to date with the latest setup for development, making it easy for the team lead to ensure team members have the same tools & configuration.

On-Ramp Engineers to Projects
Engineers joining companies, moving between teams, or starting to develop the next major release of your product must prepare their development environment. SDC facilitates on-ramping in minutes by providing the right tool stack ready to use.

Tame the Add-on Wild West
SDC allows configuration of an entire tool stack with all needed add-ons. Let your best engineers lead by example and point-and-click their way to a secure and highly managed development environment.

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SDC is a marketplace for both open source and proprietary technologies. A enterprise marketplace that is private for company developers and customers. It is a powerful take on continuous delivery, easy to use and the UI looks great.