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16 May 2011: BPF v0.6 with Roundtrip Engineering (RTE), Collaboration and a new and improved look-and-feel is now available!

The BPF v0.6 release includes some new features viz:

  • Real-time collaboration (for all artifacts/models/diagrams) - collaborate with remotely located parties quickly and easily
  • Roundtrip Engineering (RTE) with Eclipse (Helios) IDE - keep your design and code in sync by interfacing BPF with Eclipse IDE
  • Accelerators such as BPMN-to-Use Case and Use Case-to-class extraction
  • Traceability between any and all model elements (eg. Business Process Diagram to Use Case or Class or vice versa)

BPF Community Edition (Beta) is available for all Eclipse-platform & software design enthusiasts to explore further.

To know more, please visit

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The new release of BPF v0.5 is now available.

This release now comes with a simplified setup - no activation key to be manually generated. So, you can get started quickly. Download - Install - Start!

Also, the Round-trip Engineering, integration with Eclipse IDE feature (released in v0.4) is now enhanced to support offline change synchronization.

We hope you like the features, and we look forward to your active feedback to enhance BPF further.

-On behalf of the Solution Blueprint team.

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I tried to download the software, but the mentioned URL - is not working.

I am getting error:

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.