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Plugin allows for quick change of font size by use of keyboard shortcuts....
Last Updated on 16 December 2013 by Maciej Kujawski
* NOTE: You have to use [Eclipse for J2EE] version or install [Web Tools Platform (WTP)] first before you install ZK Studio....
Last Updated on 10 December 2013 by ZK Potix
Zephyr is a library to visualize stream of data in real time. Screenshots and videos on:
Last Updated on 29 November 2013 by Thomas Degris
eTheme is a eclipse plugin for change style in linux. Convenient, fast, does not affect other applications Style.Select linux theme, restart and run
Last Updated on 23 November 2013 by robin
Icon editor, icon manager and other nice features....
Last Updated on 3 November 2013 by Jabier Martinez

Visual Swing for Eclipse 0.9.11This resource is reported as out of date.

Visual Swing Designer for Eclipse is a GUI designer tool, which consists of a set of Eclipse Plug-ins. It aims to provide a swing visual designer for Eclipse for Java desktop...
Last Updated on 27 October 2013 by chenwmw