TFS Plug-in for Eclipse

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There is no way to create team project (with git)

There is no way to create team project with git from eclipse plugin.

I can not create team project from the browser (on premise) or eclipse plugin.
I can only create team project from Visual Studio 2013.

Used Team Foundation Server 2013 (on premise).

Underscores in TFS Server URL

Submitted by Bart Sipes on

Unfortuantely, my local TFS instance is setup with an underscore in the server name. Because of this I'm unable to setup a connection to the server.

When I use "http:\\tfs2012_at:8080\tfs" I get "Using a host name that contains underscores is not supported" in the preview box and when I use "http:\\tfs2012%5Fat:8080\tfs" I get "Server name cannot be empty" in the preview box. Either way clicking the OK button does nothing and the server connection is not added. Is this a bug or can I work around this somehow?

(Please note that the backslashes in the URLs are only so I can post this message as it will not let me use URLs)

Install Instructions that worked for me

Submitted by Adam Hems on

Try here:

Problem with Install

Can anyone please post a working download link for the "TFS Plug-in for Eclipse" plugin ? The install button doesn't work in Eclipse Juno and in Eclipse Marketplace the TFS-Plugin is also not shown.

netwotk operation blocking eclipse ui

please do network operations in the background without blocking eclipse ui(for example add work item)

TFS-GIT Support

With a new TFS 2012 support for GIT as the source repository, can this plug-in will support the TFS-GIT source repository. Will it continue to provide all the features like change set traceability, gated check-in etc., to TFS-GIT?

SSL certificate

I tried the new TFS plugin in Juno, cannot get it to work when server requires certificate. It always fails with "The page requires a client certificate" in the ssl debug log (and 403 presented to the user). The old TFS plugin works fine under same Eclipse/ssl configuration.

invalid download domain -

where is 'r' in '' ?

Would be nice if it would install

Submitted by Bart Sipes on

I receive the following error message when trying to install this plug-in.

Unable to read repository at is not a valid repository location.

If I go to that URL I just get "Error. Page cannot be displayed. Please contact your service provider for more details." so I'm guessing the hosting is down for the actual plugin.

URL to TFS Plugin repository

Correct the spelling for microsoft in the above URL suggested and it should work just fine.. USS