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Monday, August 20, 2018 - 15:12
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After installing "Buildship Gradle Integration", when trying to update Eclipse, I got the following error messages:
- "JDT Core patch for Groovy-Eclipse plugin on Eclipse 4.5" is not applicable to the current configuration and will not be installed.
- An internal error occurred during: "Searching alternate solutions...": org.codehaus.groovy.eclipse 2.9.2.xx-201608111527-e45 is unknown in the solver!

This is strange because
(a) I'm running Eclipse 4.6 Neon; why does it want to install a patch for Eclipse 4.5?
(b) The "buildship gradle" plugin does not have any requirements named; why is it then searching for groovy-eclipse?

I 'fixed' this by installing the "groovy-eclipse" plugin for Eclipse 4.6 Neon. Unfortunately, there is no groovy-eclipse plugin for Neon available on the marketplace. To install it nonetheless, do this:
- add a software site: "groovy-eclipse for eclipse 4.6" (for eclipse 4.5 mars, use
- from the software site, install at least "Groovy-Eclipse Feature" and "JDT Core patch for Grooy-Eclipse plugin on Eclipse 4.6"

My current status:
- No error messages on Eclipse updates
- Instead, on updates, eclipse wants to update "JDT Core patch for Grooy-Eclipse plugin on Eclipse 4.6" to version "2.9.2-xx-201608111517-e46". But that version is already installed.

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Please post your question in the Buildship forum:

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Needs a "Configure->Convert to Gradle Project" option like most similar plugins have. If you want to convert a pre existing Eclipse project to a Gradle project, or check out from an SVN/Git repo and your client doesn't let you use the new project wizard for a Gradle import, it seems like you're kinda hosed...

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Please post your feature request in Bugzilla:

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Stable plugin, need just more funcionalities. Please, came soon new versions.