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Trufun WebRCP:the GWT framework with completely open source based on html5 technology, is used to transplant eclipse RCP app to GWT web app.

On the basis of WebRCP, developer can develop GWT application with eclipse SDK API. At present WebRCP has already been succeeded in transplanting to GWT platform from eclipse user’s interface SWT,JFace,UI, RCP, excellent Graphical editing framework Eclipse GEF, model editing framework Eclipse EMF and Eclipse UML2 etc.. Developer ,with a few modification, can switch the applications developed by eclipse SWT or eclipse RCP to GWT, then turns them into WEB program.

Users can transplant applications developed by the eclipse platform to the WEB on the basis of webrcp, also may develop the new WEB applications based on the API of powerful eclipse platform. The typical case is like new WEB vectorgraph application developed on the base of GEF API and EMF/UML 2 API, such as flow chart,engineering drawing,UML modeling,GIS .

All the main current browsers have already been provided with the html5 as the support these days, so webrcp, on the basis of html5 technology, can run not only on PC, but also on the removable equipment providing HTML5 browser as mobile phone and tablet PC .

Compared with the Eclipse RAP transplanting RCP to WEB, RCP can be transplanted to WEB almost without the modification , this is the advantage of Eclipse RAP.But the disadvantage is that it can't be helped for client interaction without server like Word Processing and Drawing etc..On the contrary, Trufun WebRCP needs a bit of modification when switching RCP due to the restriction of GWT. But it's more suitable for drawing and word processing and so on ,which are the applications without server interaction,even with no server, only a WEB page can do the drawing, storage and read for local computer. These are characterized by local applications to develop tablet PC and mobile phone by html5. In additon, another important differece is WEBRCP is based on the HTML5 technology, therefore RAP is unable to do it at present if adopting the character of HTML5 like canvas and video so on.

As the typical application, the WEB drawing frame ,which is provided with GEF based on webrcp, is compared with the existing WEB drawing frame as follows:

Jgraph: Mxgraph is provided with Jgraph. On the one hand, mxgraph must be developed with javascript ,which is too inconvenient on development and debugging compared with java; On the other hand, its API has a big difference from mature eclipse GEF. Moreover, Without EMF as the support, the persistence of graphic data is also the big problem.
Flash/silverlight: First, Flash/silverlight requires users to download relevant plugin. Second, Flash/silverlight doesn’t have API as powerful and mature as GEF/EMF has.
Applet/javafx: One side, users are required to download relevant software. Another side is the big problem of compatibility.

According to the purpose of different applications’ use, the software is divided into commercial license and free license.Click Me。

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Tags: UML, EMF, RCP, SWT, GWT, GEF, html5, uml2

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