Development of the systems in Eclipse RAP, RCP, EMF, GEF, GMF and OSGi.
Support and maintenance in the FreeBSD and Linux.
Install and Configure Server of the e-mail, utility FreeBSD/QMail and Linux/Postfix.

Desenvolvimento de sistemas em Eclipse RAP, RCP, EMF, GEF, GMF and OSGi.
Suporte e manutencao no FreeBSD e Linux.
Instalacao e Configuracao de Servidores de e-mail, utilizando FreeBSD/QMail e Linux/Postfix.

Training Description

Development of determined application, using the Eclipse RAP/RCP.
Development of determined personalized editor, using Eclipse EMF, GEF, GMF.
Development of the plug-ins specific/commercial.

Desenvolvimento de determinada aplicacao, utilizando o Eclipse RAP/RCP.
Desenvolvimento de determinado editor personalizado, utilizando o Eclipse EMF, GEF, GMF.
Desenvolvimento de plug-ins especificos/comerciais.

Consulting Description

Consultant in development of Web/Desktop applications with Eclipse RAP/RCP.
Consultant in development of editor personalized with Eclipse GEF/GMF.
Consultant and install in FreeBSD/QMail.
Development of plug-ins commercial, using Eclipse RAP/RCP.

Consultoria em desenvolvimento de aplicacoes Web/Desktop com Eclipse RAP/RCP.
Consultoria em desenvolvimento de editores personalizados com Eclipse GEF/GMF.
Consultoria e instalacao do FreeBSD/QMail.
Desenvolvimento de plug-ins comerciais, utilizando o Eclipse RAP/RCP.

Additional Details

Locations: Brazil, Sao Paulo

Date Created: Wednesday, June 6, 2007 - 10:20

Date Updated: Saturday, August 18, 2012 - 08:04

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