RCP Vision


RCP Vision provides training, coaching, consulting and development services on Eclipse frameworks,
with a professional and innovative structure that makes it particularly suitable to:
• realize new ICT services
• realize new software applications, thanks to to high skills on Functional and Tecnical Analysis and Software Development
• offer technical service and support on innovative Open Source technologies
• diversify IT products and processes
• Start-Up of new IT processes
• enter into new national and international IT markets

Training Description

RCP Vision, in addition to join the Eclipse Training Series, holds on-site and off-site courses on the following topics:

• Eclipse 4 RCP application development
• Base Eclipse RCP
• Advanced Eclipse RCP
• WEB 2.0 development with GWT
• Equinox OSGi
• Base EMF – Model Driven Architecture
• Advanced EMF
• Base Java
• Advanced Java
• Continuous Integration with Hudson
• Automatic GUI Testing
• Using iBATIS
• Access to AS/400 e CICS systems
• Interoperability with Microsoft/OLE components

Consulting Description

RCP Vision offers its clients high technology consulting and innovation, for developing highly interactive applications. Our solutions, all based on open source technologies, and skills that we respond to the need to create powerful and intuitive user interfaces. The solutions we provide, all based on Open Source technologies, and expertises we offer, meet the need to create intuitive and powerful user interfaces.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Open Source community, we are able to offer cutting-edge architectural solutions and a thorough understanding of the issues that revolve around the production of software.
By analyzing development processes and introducing high performance technologies, we can advise development systems tested on-site, highly productive and with a minimum initial impedance for developers.

For more information please send an email to info@rcp-vision.com

Additional Details

Locations: Italy

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