PRFC offers training courses in complex systems modeling with Arcadia/capella. These courses are aimed at all types of profiles, and can range from a technical overview to the modeling of realistic case studies.

Training Description

Systems engineers have been using modeling techniques for decades. The best-known include the functional approaches SADT and SA/RT, which date from the 1980s, but were limited by their low power of expression. Thales wished to enhance these methods to take into account all of the engineering activities, from operational analysis to physical architecture. After having tested the method internally, and developed an accompanying workbench, Thales has recently decided to make it public, through the Capella tool (inside the Polarsys project of the Eclipse community).

This practical training will enable you to discover the ins and outs of the ARCADIA (Architecture Analysis and Design Integrated Approach) method and its associated modeling language. We will also focus on the benefits of a workbench adapted to the method, through a complete case study performed with the open source Capella tool.

A language, an approach, a tool: these are the three pillars needed for the success of the Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE).


Consulting Description

We can help you in tailoring a modeling approach adapted to your context and your company objectives.

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