MEGLA IoT Suite OMF Publisher for OSIsoft PI

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You have a variety of data sources and an OSIsoft PI? Now go a step further and connect your data sources to your OSIsoft PI via the "MEGLA IoT Suite OMF Publisher for OSIsoft PI" and increase the efficiency of your data. Take advantage of the already existing prerequisites. The MEGLA IoT Suite already supports any common field protocol, such as MODBUS, OPC-UA or S7. The reliable connection of the " MEGLA IoT Suite OMF Publisher for OSIsoft PI " is absolutely easy. Add it to your IoT gateway with just a few clicks, select the parameters you want for OSIsoft PI and go online.


The OMF-Publisher is a Kura-Wire component, which can be used to transfer real data to an destination system data endpoint (for example to a PI system). OMF-Publisher is a component which can be easily installed onto your Kura-Device over the Kura - Webinterface.
 OMF-Publisher sends messages via HTTP but OMF is independent of protocols, so you can use the code and rewrite it to choose another one.
With the OMF-Publisher it is possible to use OMF v1.0.


  • Send your data via OMF to a destination system
  • compress your data for smaller data packages
  • configure individual time-settings
  • Caching the data due to connection loss

Categories: Eclipse Kura

Eclipse Kura
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Wire Component
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Java 8
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Organization Name: MEGLA GmbH

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Development Status: Production/Stable

Date Created: Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - 04:24

License: EPL

Date Updated: Wednesday, March 18, 2020 - 05:33

Submitted by: Till Böcher