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Sunday, September 23, 2018 - 21:17
gane's picture

Is there a way I can add fenced code with highlights? If not... Can it be added?

Here's what i'm thinking:


//Some highlighted code here

ljames's picture

Does Real-time preview exist yet in the Markdown View?

At present, I find it a requirement to exit the Markdown Editor or leave the editor window for the newly typed text to appear in the Markdown View screen.

The plugin appears to be missing the update as you type feature... or I'm missing how to configure this option.

If it doesn't exist yet, is this a feature that you are considering added?

-- L. James

L. D. James

psavillet0v's picture

I'm enjoying using Markdown Editor. I'd like for my DOT code blocks to render too.

Is there any chance you will be adding code block support? And specifically support for calling DOT?
graph a {
A -> B -> C;

gane's picture

YES - I need this too please.

gklopp's picture

Great plugin!
Unfortunately I can't get the nested list markdown, which is an important function for me...

+ first item
+ second item
+ third item
+ first nested item
+ second nested item
+ third nested item

(the entire nested list appears directly after 'third item', on one line without return)

rchavesnk6's picture

The Marketplace listing states the license is LGPL:

License: LGPL

however the GitHub repository states it is EPL. Unsure which one is the right one.

pverest's picture

Of course sources were right. Is it right for you?

rchavesnk6's picture

Thanks for fixing the license in the listing.

mistria's picture

Mylyn Wikitext ( ) provides another implementation of Markdown support, which I prefer to this one.

pverest's picture

Both are available within Enide 2015
Comparing to Mylyn wikitext Markdown Editor has
- separate View for preview: you can edit looking at result
- better Dark theme support (not black text on black background)
- GitHub code blocks
- HtML comments

ddossot's picture

I've switched from the WikiText Editor to this Markdown editor to get task tag support, but alas it doesn't seem to work or I can't get it to work.

My preferences contain this task tags list: TODO,FIXME,LATER

None of the following show in Eclipse's task list after saving an .md file:
> TODO test 1
TODO test 2
`TODO` test 3

Not sure how to make this work...

mruizyn3's picture

The highlight is very poor, even titles are highlighted.

pverest's picture

With pull request by Telmo Brugnara the coloring is improved substantially.

pverest's picture

I can't install anything from references here,
and home page references other update site that has only 0.2.3

Where is 0.9 ?

dwintersteinqux's picture

Hello Paul,

Thank you for flagging this up.

The versioning changed when ThinkTank Mathematics closed and the project moved to Winterwell.
We'll do a 1.0 release soon to bring it inline with the old numbering.

The correct update site is:
I've updated the marketplace entry as you suggested.

Best regards,
- Daniel

lsloan's picture

I like this extension for the word wrapping, but I'm not sure of the other formatting features.