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Based in Portland, Oregon, USA, Instantiations delivers world-class tools and services for professional Eclipse and Smalltalk developers. The company’s award-winning products and professional services are trusted by software development organizations around the world to ensure software code quality, security, productivity and predictability of enterprise applications. Led by a team of internationally-recognized experts in Java and Smalltalk software technology, Instantiations is a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation and the Smalltalk Industry Council, and is an IBM Business Partner. With a line of products for Eclipse, IBM Rational, JBuilder and MyEclipse, the company is named as one the fastest-growing Oregon companies four years running and recognized among the Top 100 companies influencing software development by SD Times for three consecutive years.

Instantiations has earned an international reputation for commercializing leading edge software technologies. For more than 20 years, our team has helped Fortune 500 companies, software product companies, and individuals reap the benefits of leading-edge object-oriented software technologies, delivering products and services that assist developers in rapidly building and cost-effectively deploying high-quality Eclipse-based Java software systems.

Consulting Description
Our team's experience ranges from product development and research for object-oriented technologies to implementation of web-based IT applications and embedded systems. Our staff is internationally respected for its role in creating very popular and easy-to-use Eclipse-based plug-ins for GUI building and testing, as well as for Rich Client Platform development. The company's CodePro AnalytiX tool provides industry-leading features for assisting developers in maintaining continuous application quality during development. The focus of our group is the creation of practical, product-quality software and systems.

SD Times 100 Top Innovator for 3 Years
Fastest Growing Private 100

Instantiations can help you bring your software systems from concept to delivery. We work with our clients on system requirements definition, design, object-oriented modeling and architecture, engineering development, quality assurance, and production rollout. We work either on-site or via telecommuting from our Portland, Oregon offices. Many clients find that using our services via telecommuting is especially effective and cost-efficient.

Instantiations offers consulting in a variety of areas:

  • Industry expert input for Eclipse-based technologies and creating commercial quality Eclipse plug-ins
  • Continuous code Quick Quality assurance practices and tools for Eclipse-based Java development and GUI window testing
  • Project management, requirements gathering, product architecture and implementation software engineering personnel

Our consultants can provide expertise in a wide variety of technologies:

  • Java Eclipse-based technologies
  • Commercial quality plug-in development
  • Rich Client Platform (RCP)
  • AJAX with Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
  • Build and packaging systems using ANT scripts
  • Window-building GUIs and automated window testing
  • GUI frameworks based on the Abstract Widget Toolkit (AWT), Swing extensions and Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT)

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Locations: Portland, Boston, Pittsburgh, Raleigh

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