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Please see the release notes at

Templates can be used to create method.
New Templates have been added with database fields. It can generate sql for insert, update, select statements.
New create variable menu option have been added with lot more options.

New templates have been added. Template import/export has been added. More details can be found
at the plugin website.

Create New Classes have been added : one can create FooDao/FooDaoImpl just by typing foo. Also template functionality has been added. One can generate log/print statements, hql, etc. One can copy a class as well, e.g. from FooAction one can generate BarAction just by highlighting Foo and typing Ctl-Alt-Shift-C and typing bar.

Junit Test profiles have been added.<br /><br />

Spring 3 style method annotations are supported. Copy member has been extended to static imports as well. Junit 4 tests have been added. Also jumpt to junit has been added. Ability to put method in classes and automatically created in interface has been added. <br /><br />

Released video tutorials :…

Added console message.
<br />

Fast Code Eclipse Plugin helps write code faster.

<br /><br />

You do not need to create similar classes manually. FooDAO to FooService, FooService to FooAction can be easily created with click of a mouse.

<br /><br />

Also create one DAO to another with different name, e.g. FooDAO (with methods getFoo, saveFoo, etc) to BarDAO (with methods getBar, saveBar, etc).

<br /><br />

No need to create the configuration (spring, tiles, doezer, struts-config, etc) files manually as well.

<br /><br />

Easily navigate between similar classes.
<br /><br />

Easily navigate from hibernate pojos to .hbm files.
In this release create similar can be execute from the editor as well as package explorer. Also create similar can be executed with any method or field selected.

<br /><br />

One can right click on a class and add it as a spring bean into the class open in editor.

<br /><br />

For more information please click on <a href="">documentation</a&gt;.

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Organization Name: 3Pin Technology, LLC

Development Status: Beta

Date Created: Monday, July 7, 2008 - 10:35

License: EPL

Date Updated: Monday, May 26, 2014 - 01:59

Submitted by: Gautam Mising name

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