Excelsior LLC

Founded in 1999, Excelsior is a vendor of compliant Java SE execution environments and a provider of advanced software development services.

Excelsior is a Java Authorized Licensee and a member of the Eclipse Foundation. Its flagship product, Excelsior JET, improves performance, provides code protection, and eases deployment of Java applications in desktop, server, and embedded Microsoft Windows and Linux environments.

Headquartered in the Novosibirsk Scientific Center, Russia, Excelsior sells its software products worldwide and provides software development and consulting services to companies in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Consulting Description

Having created a Java SE 6 compliant JVM implementation from scratch, Excelsior engineers understand the Java software stack at all levels. Leverage our knowledge and experience in your software projects:


  • Application development in Java, C, C++
  • Application performance/scalability audit and tuning
  • Application troubleshooting: intermittent bugs, memory leaks, etc., from root cause analysis to tested fix
  • JVM porting, optimization, and enhancement: Sun reference implementations, OpenJDK, cleanroom open source implementations


    Apache Tomcat, Axis, OpenMQ, Tapestry, Log4j;
    OSGi (Equinox), Spring, Servlets/JSP, Hibernate;
    JavaMail, JMS, JDBC;
    Swing, SWT, Eclipse RCP, Ext JS, GWT

    Algorithm complexity and Math

    JVM internals: JIT compilation, garbage collection, synchronization, JNI

Selected Customers

    Sun Microsystems
    Samsung Electronics
    ISS Reshetnev (leading Russian spacecraft manufacturer)
    Russian Railways (world's second largest railway network operator)
Additional Details

Locations: Novosibirsk, Russia; Services provided worldwide

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