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Sunday, October 21, 2018 - 10:10
asharmaqwq's picture

It's getting enabled but not working as expected. Eclipse should check the plug-in before making it available officially. Doesn't work on Windows as well as Mac O/S with Java 8

gpabon1ry's picture

On youtube search this video: "PMD Tool Demonstration - Eclipse Plugin"

Follow these steps and you will succeed ;)

upeukerwx2's picture

neither the DND nor the URL from the website works?

mxu's picture

I installed this plugin in my Luna, but found nowhere to config/use it

bfields's picture

I ran into the same issue. See The fix (dated 7/22) is available from their build snapshot repository, will be in the next PMD plugin release.

pgrafn2q's picture

The PMD plugin mentioned in the Stackoverflow question (PMD plugin for Eclipse) is not the same as this one (eclipse-pmd). This plugin works well with JDK 8.

The eclipse-pmd website has instructions on how to configure eclipse-pmd.

fdauganobi's picture

This plugin woks well, the main reason I use it, is the enablement and the cache of rules are not linked to a workspace state as the other PMD plugin.
This ensure the whole team use the last rules definition.