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Eclipse Folding Plugin – The solution to persist folding (collapsing) of code sections in eclipse editors.

Currently eclipse offers no good way to save and restore code folding on files being edited, this means that (other than some initial folding options) the user has to fold or expand any code sections to restore the previous state of the editor (as it was before closing the file). The idea for this application came when in fact I found no way to properly save and restore code folding in eclipse for a number of large files I edit on my day to day job.

Save time by keeping your files nicely organized which makes it easier and quicker to find key sections of your code.
Have it your way by choosing automatic or manual saving and/or loading of folding sections for your files.

-Standard eclipse plugin tested with Eclipse Kepler for Linux and Windows (32/64 bits).
-Small plugin of less than 20Kb in size, easy to install and easy to keep safe.
-Toolbar buttons to save and restore folding sections manually.
-Keyboard shortcuts to save and restore folding sections manually.
-Option to automatically save folding sections when closing file.
-Option to automatically restore folding sections when opening file.
-Option to restore last cursor position in editor when opening file.
-Option to automatically focus the editor when opening files (useful in Linux).

Categories: Code Management, Editor, Tools

Additional Details

Organization Name: WBBO

Development Status: Production/Stable

Date Created: Saturday, May 10, 2014 - 13:34

License: Commercial

Date Updated: Monday, May 12, 2014 - 09:10

Submitted by: ze mane

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