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Friday, August 17, 2018 - 10:04
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For +15 years I have been developing with Java and using Eclipse, although in the last 18 months I have been moving into modern development using Angular, PHP along with a bit of Python and React. At the beginning with this transition, I experienced frustration in trying to properly run supersets in Eclipse - such as Typescript - as well as for debugging PHP and Python code; mostly because tools and dependencies setup took too many hours for my projects to work, and there was - usually - at least a couple for issues to research in how to fix them. It was a hideous nightmare for me! But then I started to hear – from a fellow developer – about CodeMix as it has a lot of out-of-the-box support for the coding I was developing. So, my first try with CodeMix was with Python as I was running out of time to fix a Python script that was pulling and processing data from a Web service. I got amazed as it is easier to get CodeMix set up into Eclipse and - even better - a lot faster to run and develop with - I got my Python script fixed in less than an hour thanks to the CodeMix debugging configuration! I got so impressed that now I am using CodeMix for my PHP, Angular and React projects as well. To set break-points and walk through variables and values is one of the best great things for me as CodeMix makes my developer life a lot easier. Most likely if you try it out, you will love it too! ^_^

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Time-based licensing simply means that when i open an old project, I spend the next week trying to get the environment working - and then forced to reinvest / re-register / re-located keys & logins - only to use the tool for a couple of days for deployment or quick update.

Additionally, its often enountered where the publisher forces an update during the re-reg process & may or MAY NOT be backwards compatible with resusitated projects....

= ClusterF for smaller ops.

Version-based licensing is the way to go... working for atlassian.. once I lock in my environment, I'm not screwed with I move it to another VM 2 years later. I purchase a license that lasts FOREVER with the benefit of 1yr of updates. Those who stay on the cutting edge ( AND use the tool the most ) will contribute more funds out of necessity [&  rightly so due to usage] - those who infrequently use the tool aren't enslaved to the same burden.

This is tantamount to ransomware IMHO.. this said, GREAT tool.

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First off, it’s great that you like the product!

Completely understand that different people prefer different models.  By providing a subscription model, we can allow many people to have access at a low price point instead of a higher cost for just a few.  The ability for getting just 1 month for $5 means you can also just get a license for that limited time you need to come back to the project instead of purchasing another year.  I realize perhaps not in exact alignment with your perspective, but we did try to make it accessible!

We also like that subscriptions give everyone access to the latest features they need, unlike version-locked licenses where companies can force a pay-event for users simply by restricting support for Feature X to an upgrade, such as "upgrade for Angular 6 support."