Consulting and training company specializing in the Scala programming language, its implementation and its supporting tools, including the Scala IDE for Eclipse.

Scala is the ideal JVM language for building on OSGi, Eclipse and the Eclipse RCP. We have considerable expertise in working with Scala, OSGi and building on Eclipse which we can share with your team at any stage of your project’s evolution.

We can provide assistance with Scala OSGi development, with integrating the Scala IDE for Eclipse with other components of the Eclipse ecosystem and with building domain-specific extensions of the Scala Eclipse tooling.

And we can provide general support and guidance on using Eclipse for Scala development. And we can help identify and fix issues which affect your team and coordinate getting those fixes merged back into the upstream open source Scala IDE project.

Training Description

We offer a range of Scala training courses which will take you and your team from their first steps, through to in-depth mastery of the language and familiarity with the tools, libraries and frameworks which will allow you to take Scala successfully into production.

Consulting Description

Chuusai offers a broad range of Scala consulting services and complementary training packages. With our partners and associates we can support your move to Scala from initial evaluation, through incremental migration or greenfield development, to successful deployment of production systems.

Additional Details

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