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Innovent Solutions is a consulting firm, dedicated to the improvement of decision making through effective information management. Using commercial and open source technologies, we build systems that enable our clients and their customers to:

  • Find the information they want and need
  • Understand relationships and meaning of information
  • Trust the information to be accurate and timely

Our focus on customer goals and objectives combined with deep technical depth and experience, allow us to build successful, high visibility solutions that deliver immediate value to our clients.

Training Description

Innovent Solutions provides a complete BIRT training program that is designed to provide report developers and business analysts with the knowledge and skills required to build complete BIRT reporting systems. In a short amount of time we will teach you how to navigate the challenges of report development and deployment that separate BIRT beginners from experts. Innovent’s training will guide you in using BIRT the right way from the start. Our client experience has taught us how to create systems that:

  • Simplify the development process
  • Leverage the power of BIRT
  • Support efficient team development
  • Minimize on-going maintenance costs
  • Grow and develop as your requirements expand

Our instructor led courses follow a logical progression through the four primary BIRT development tasks: Building Reports, Charting, Integration, and Extension of BIRT. Each task is made up of a series of stand-alone modules that consist of lecture and hands-on exercises.

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Consulting Description

Innovent Solutions provides consulting, support and training services to organizations that use BIRT. Our involvement on the BIRT project and experience with multiple clients gives us the expertise required to make your BIRT implementation successful. Innovent provides services for all types of implementations whether you are using BIRT for your:

  • Product
  • Project
  • Enterprise

Our BIRT Consulting Services include Development, Deployment, and Customization. Our consulting is based on best practices to get you started quickly and give your environment room to grow. BIRT can be deployed in a variety of ways. We help our clients integrate BIRT into their existing systems with an eye on security and performance. Innovent specializes in extending BIRT to meet your business requirements.

We provide subscription-based BIRT Support for development and production systems. Development Support includes report design, best practices, code and system reviews, and API customizations. Production Support provides trouble shooting, issue resolution, and guidance on security, performance, and operations.

We deliver instructor-led BIRT Training that cover all aspects of the BIRT development cycle. Our focus is on key BIRT concepts that allow you to master the product. Our modular course materials allow us to customize each training experience to focus on the skills that are important to the course participants. Courses are offered privately and publicly, onsite or remotely.

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