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aCute: C# edition in Eclipse IDE (experimental) Eclipse Project

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Friday, April 20, 2018 - 05:09
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So far to create project. It can't even install properly until I added a required plugin in eclipse.

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It worked Thanq very much. I have been using since 2004 and since then I used this to develop Java standalone, Java Web applications, PHP, SAP Portal Applications( NWDS)  Wow its a great tool. And tried promoting this tool where ever I go.

Thank you very much Now I should be able to write and execute  csharp programs as well.

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Thank you for the encouraging words! If you see any issue, at installation or at any time, can you please report it to with as much details as possible to reproduce it locally? Please include the version of Eclipse IDE you're using.

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I have already installed it. When I create a new C# project. It show "no available template". I am using Window 8. Please help me solve the problem. Thanks!

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Hi. Thanks for your interest.

The marketplace comments aren't a proper and efficient place to provide user assistance. Please open issues against the project instead to get assistance from contributors.