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Eclipse Visual Editor 1.5.0This resource is reported as out of date.

The Eclipse Visual Editor project is a platform for creating Visual Classes and GUI builders within Eclipse. The project currently provides support for WYSIWYG editing of Swing...
Last Updated on 19 December 2012 by MrCompiler
SWT Win32 Extension extends the Eclipse library SWT. ...
Last Updated on 15 October 2012 by Chao Chen
SWT XYGraph is a light weight scientific and engineering widgets library for SWT or Draw2D applications. It has widgets especially for science, engineering and SCADA...
Last Updated on 11 July 2012 by Xihui Chen
The PFGrid-Toolkit provides fast and flexible widgets for SWT/JFace, especially an SWT-Grid-widget which allows TreeList- and Table-mode. The rendering is done by renderer...
Last Updated on 27 May 2012 by Missing Name
Version 0.5.4 of Graphrex, the regular expression visualization and testing tool, fixes a bug that caused FileNotFound errors on Linux....
Last Updated on 6 April 2012 by Alan
Butterflyzer is not just a new software product, but an entirely new category of software. We're calling it a "Content Intelligence Environment". Butterflyzer is an integrated...
Last Updated on 6 January 2012 by Miles Parker
If you're not able to see the colors in the annotations ruler (AKA overview ruler), this one is for you. This small plugin enables setting the background color for the ruler.
Last Updated on 23 December 2011 by Gil Barash
The Lightweight Java Game Library (LWJGL) is a Java library wrapping OpenGL and OpenAL. It comes with some JARs and native libraries.
Last Updated on 22 December 2011 by Jens von Pilgrim
This small plugin is just an entry in the pop-up menu for classes that allow you to see a preview of a Draw2d class while you are editing it....
Last Updated on 15 November 2011 by Mickael Istria