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Editor, Documentation, Rich Client Applications, Other, Tools

Last Updated on 2012-11-29 16:39 by Hendrik Ebel

inFusion Hydrogen

Source Code Analyzer, Rich Client Applications

Last Updated on 2012-11-05 10:43 by Intooitus srl

LEONARDI: The RAD solution for Business Apps

UML, UI, Modeling Tools, Rich Client Applications, XML, Process

Last Updated on 2012-07-20 10:05 by Missing Name


Rich Client Applications, Tools, UI, Graphics

Last Updated on 2012-07-11 10:06 by Xihui Chen

PFGrid-Toolkit: SWT / JFace widgets

Tools, Editor, Rich Client Applications, Entertainment, UI, Graphics

Last Updated on 2012-05-27 17:29 by Missing Name


Database, Other, Rich Client Applications

Last Updated on 2012-05-02 09:17 by Alexander Kuzmov

WolfDBManager2 RCP

Reporting, Database Development, Rich Client Applications, Search, Database, Tools

Last Updated on 2012-04-24 10:20 by Yonsama


Modeling, General Purpose Tools, Rich Client Applications, Other, Entertainment, Web

Last Updated on 2012-01-06 20:04 by Miles Parker

e-Citiz Studio

UI, Rich Client Applications, Process, J2EE Development Platform, Modeling Tools, Web

Last Updated on 2011-12-13 10:33 by Olivier

2-plan Desktop

Application Management, Tools, Rich Client Applications, Systems Development

Last Updated on 2011-09-19 17:06 by Melvin Tandoc

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Swing to GWT migration

Rich Client Applications

Last Updated on 2011-06-03 14:58 by Fabien Giquel

KOI - Kommunikation, Organisation, Information

Rich Client Applications

Last Updated on 2011-03-22 07:13 by KOI Community

ZoRa Photo Director

Rich Client Applications, Search, Graphics

Last Updated on 2011-02-02 03:31 by Berthold Daum

Eclipse RAP Corporate Portal

Rich Client Applications, Languages, Tools, Network, Database, UI

Last Updated on 2011-02-01 09:36 by Missing Name


Rich Client Applications

Last Updated on 2011-01-31 09:39 by Ralf Ebert

iConcur Axiom

Modeling Tools, Team Development, Documentation, Systems Development, Other, Rich Client Applications

Last Updated on 2011-01-24 09:48 by Brent Wilson


Web, Rich Client Applications, Web Services, Graphics, Entertainment

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Rich Client Applications

Last Updated on 2011-01-05 10:28 by Fabien Giquel

WolfDBManager RCP

Database Persistence, Editor, Rich Client Applications, Database, IDE

Last Updated on 2010-12-23 09:08 by Yonsama

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Application Lifecycle Management - TD/OMS

Team Development, Reporting, Application Management, Testing, IDE, BIRT

Last Updated on 2010-12-04 16:39 by Wim Jongman